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Internet-and-Business-Online If you have constructed your web site paying particular attention to keywords, keyword density and SEO techniques, it is time to literally shout to the world that your fantastic web site is open for business. After this much work, you want sales that translate into profit, and to get that, you need web site visitors and plenty of them. Consider all types of online and offline promotion concepts to get the ball rolling. Sometimes, the oddest or silliest sounding ideas just might pay off for attracting web site visitors. No matter where you advertise your business, make sure people can easily get in touch with you whether it is through a link, business name, phone number, email address or .plete mailing address. Consider using free methods to attract visitors and do contemplate well on advertising methods that cost you money, carefully. Let us look at several options to draw in paying customers that every business person so desires. Free business listings are available at both Yahoo Local and Google Maps Local Business Center. If you have the equipment and skills, or you can afford to hire somebody to make a video about your product or service, then you can take advantage of high-ranking sites such as YouTube where you can submit the video about your business. Write your own articles or pay to have them written and then submit them to article directories. These types of sites allow a brief mention of your web site with a backlink in the resource box. Work out a linking strategy for obtaining links from popular sites, promoting the same or similar types of products. This can be time consuming; however, the hard work will pay off. Search engines will begin to notice high-ranking links pointing at your site, which will eventually increase your own page rank. Select several key directories that fit in well with your niche product type and submit your site into the proper categories. Do not assume that a web site will automatically be indexed by the largest search engines. Make a point of submitting to MSN, Yahoo and Google search engines as soon as the site is properly optimized for search engine traffic. Read rules and regulations before posting or submitting a web site to forums, directories, and search engines. Post in forums, social .working sites, and bookmarking sites. Create a business blog with plenty of free information or newsletters about your products and services. You can get web site visitors with a little bit of planning one-step at a time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: