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Yang Zhen: Everton football lottery state brave royal society can not Yang Zhen 1, Everton lottery recommended VS Crystal Palace       promotion: 3 Everton competitions suffered 2 defeats, a loss to Bourne Mao’s game, a little accident. Crystal Palace League seizing 3 wins, two meetings last season also draw with everton. The disc half one low water, continuous rainfall is good for Everton to win. 2, Leipzig VS Augus       promotion: 3 Leipzig only 2 points more than Augus, the last two consecutive draw, this season 2 wins 1 flat 1 home court battle, only 1 goal difference. This performance, Augus face 1 unbeaten 1 wins away, Leipzig has opened a half water, which is beyond imagination, found a little problem. 3, Nuremberg VS Berlin       promotion: last weekend on the road away, Nuremberg finally breath, ushered in the new season’s first victory in 30. Berlin united with a run of 4 consecutive wins, currently temporarily standings second. Chu Nuremberg let hemisphere high water disc, back to flat half high water. Because the game is too high, so I plan to go two. 4, Austria   El VS wave;         promotion: 31 AOE is promoted, the start of the season is quite satisfactory, the wheel’s 0-2 lost to kars. Bochum unbeaten home, but the road was only 1 points in the 3 round. In the season before relegation, AOE two times against Bochum 1 flat 1 negative disadvantage. The disc deuce disc, AOE by low water injection, a slightly higher chance unbeaten. Aocai rose half high water, 3 is preferred. 5, Sang Dehao VS de les       promotion: 0 Sander Hauben season after the 7 round only 1 wins, underperform promoted de tired. But after all, the visiting team is promoted, and recently suffered 3 victorious, so the disc aocai to deuce disc ", I think the home team to get the ball enough. The hanging wall rose plate movements, flat compensate also slightly higher, one can consider the blog do gall. 6, club   will VS Bettis       promotion: the 31 teams are very close to the performance of the two, the results are not much difference between the host and guest, confrontation, the society a little dominant. Pan Asia is a high water, the ball a little uncomfortable, let the society a lot, but this the final tie very reasonable. 7, Lei   Gan en VS         gang; promotion: 31 Rennes home court abnormal tough, has won 3 consecutive start, but only 1 minutes away. Is a conservative Guingamp team, track and Ryan points victory battle. The game more than 3 to hemisphere high water, is now the hemisphere low water, day found decreased sharply, and there are signs of rising half high water disc. If)相关的主题文章: