Xi’an two limit line on the first day of illegal vehicles significantly reduced adobe gamma

Xi’an two times in the first day of the limit line illegal road vehicles decreased the afternoon of November 14th, reduce haze pollution in Xi’an office issued second Xi’an motor vehicle restriction management notice, according to the announcement, 15 days from 6 onwards, the city administrative area within the motor vehicle tail number 5 and 0 vehicles, prohibited on the road. The first restriction for 10 days before the announcement in Xi’an, published by the time is too late, the details are not in place and controversial, no implementation of the limit order and how? Yesterday, the reporter went to the streets to visit the field. The reporter observed there are still individual limit traffic crime against the wind at 9 o’clock in the morning, the reporter in the vicinity of the arch ring road was observed for nearly 10 minutes, did not find a motor vehicle tail number is "5" or "0" on the road. 9:40, reporters at the North Street observed 10 minutes, this is a "modern car tail number 0" from the east to the West open. Then in the Taihua Road, the reporter also saw a two car tail number 5 cars. Although there are still individual vehicle crime against the wind, but it is clear that the restriction for the announcement, most of the owners or to execute. Mr. Li at Ring Road, a unit of work, told reporters that his car tail number is "0", last night to see the ban limit line after the announcement, will promptly make arrangements today, let the car rest at home one day, a friend ride to the class. "In order to protect the environment, the ban can be understood, as they will perform. But when I came early in the morning, I saw a car running on the road So that people who don’t obey the rules will be punished? How to punish?" Lee told reporters that he was most concerned about the issue. The police response to the executor, is to promote the persuasion for Lee’s questions, the reporter to see the "People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law", the law: for the limit line during the violation of the provisions of the limit line of vehicles, should be fined 200 yuan deducted 3 points penalty. Is the punishment rule in Xi’an? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted the Xi’an city traffic police detachment responsible person for further verification. According to the responsible person, at present on this issue, the Xi’an police have responded on the official micro-blog, WeChat, is to promote the persuasion. In the implementation of the new traffic management measures, there will always be a process of education, advocacy, guidance, so the implementation of the ban on the line of management, we still focus on criticism and education. According to the law management, but the gradual implementation." The person in charge said. Members of the public called for the improvement of penalties to ensure that the implementation of the limit line, but for this argument, many people have expressed concern, do not punish that is not the same as no limit? A lot of people’s self-restraint ability is not enough, a fine, or drive on the road, our policy is not implemented?" In a random interview with reporters more than a dozen people, almost everyone expressed such views. A person engaged in the legal work of Mr. Yang said, according to the introduction of the "Xi’an heavy pollution weather emergency plan" the provisions of article fifth, "violation of the provisions of this notice, by the traffic administrative department of public security according to the relevant laws and regulations, Wyatt相关的主题文章: