Xia Jing Cool 10.24 U.S. economic rise modestly, gold and silver bearing silver trend analysis opera christie stevens

Xia Jing: Cool 10.24 U.S. economic rise modestly, analysis of gold and silver bearing silver trend operation We want next week you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! This week the U.S. data showed the U.S. economic recovery faster than other countries, political pressure is greater than the monetary normalization in other countries. Members of the open market committee has repeatedly stressed that the interest rate hike in the near future is ripe, the market is also expected in December the Federal Reserve to restart the interest rate rise cycle. Europe, Japan’s policy change is helpless, almost certainly reduce the purchase of treasury bonds, while the central bank will introduce new easing mechanism; the United States has its basic interest rate hike support. OPEC frozen production decision, the Brent oil prices pushed up to $50 a barrel, this week, oil prices rose steadily, but frozen production news is basically digested. The price of gold and silver rose slightly against the dollar on Thursday, but the price trend is still trapped in the box area, long break. Such a situation will strengthen policy contrast, widening the market interest rate differences, promote capital reallocation, bring on the exchange rate change. At the same time, Japan and Europe in terms of policy innovation uncertainties are fed is of two minds in the interest rate, policy uncertainty will increase, the amplitude of the market is bound to increase. Personally think that the risk of assets will face a new period of high risk, the possibility of a black swan event occurred over the recent period. More real-time information Xia Jing cool number of public access to the WeChat XJL123JC American economy rise modestly, the dollar has a direct impact on gold and silver prices, but prices are only minor adjustments, the general trend of rising or inevitable. In the United States before the election, the parties must refers to the maintenance of stability, so the price of gold and silver is difficult to break. But in this election is not reasonable in the teeth of the storm, gold does not rise, just look at the time of the breakthrough, the present stage is a ready process. In this wave of rising trend in the central level, investors are more than just a patient, who can insist on who is the final winner. But we all know that victory is often very rare. Every day, a unilateral market situation, but when the sharp unilateral market came but can not grasp, it is really ridiculous to think about. Two days ago a investors and I said a manipulation, when every operation optimistic trend, call that has been bought up, low opening directly on the line, more or more is right, if the reverse operation is the teacher problem. I heard it is ridiculous, if not done in the long-term list of investors, so the operation is no doubt. Unfortunately, do not do much of the spot is to do long-term investment, but it is doing short-term speculative operations occupy the main market. Not according to local conditions is the biggest problem for many of the dead against the market, itself is short, but love for long-term operating practices, so will I also can say is your good luck. We should pay attention to the operation of the short list相关的主题文章: