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Wuhan high school: 10 months 4 yuan over 4 years of college tuition – Sohu news CNR net Wuhan on September 17th news (reporter Ling Shu) according to the Chinese sound "center wide news" report, we often say: "who knows the world parents heart", in order to let their children get good grades in the entrance exam many parents, willing to invest heavily, which also created many "high school". In Wuhan, there are 10 months tuition fees of up to 4 yuan price of preschool. Recently, media reports said, in Wuhan between kindergarten and primary school at preschool is attracted everyone’s attention, most of them with Mathematical Olympiad and sprint elite gimmick, the monthly fee of 4000 yuan to 5000 yuan, duration of ten months, the total cost of 40 thousand yuan to 50 thousand yuan. As we all know, at present our country ordinary university tuition for one year only 5000 yuan to 6000 yuan, four years of tuition fees are not more than 25 thousand yuan, such as preschool, ten months tuition is too expensive the college costs. In Wuchang a small class teaching for the characteristics of the kindergarten as an example, monthly fee of 4000 yuan, and in this class, each class has only 20 children, with 3 teachers and two teacher of life, almost all the knowledge learning on the first grade primary school Chinese and mathematics, school textbooks the use of English, but also the Enlightenment on children mathematical olympiad. In addition, they also customized a series of impact for children of Wuhan quality hot primary school curriculum, including manpower training, creative expression, art and life habits, physical education curriculum curriculum. The kindergarten responsible person also said proudly, last year they have 10 classes of children attend a popular high quality primary school enrollment, exam 5. The headmaster of Wuhan area kindergarten and primary school a number of well-known, primary school and kindergarten is a series of chain reaction. As long as one part of a problem, after the ring has a problem. My parents let their children early admission, with older children, early admission of children often show less advantage, reduce the chance of building, is not conducive to children’s self-confidence. The type of education often spoil things by excessive enthusiasm to kindly effect. Early intervention of knowledge learning in children, often on the knowledge learning knowledge. Moreover, this will lead to these children into the first year of learning, thinking that they will be, and can not concentrate on class lectures and discussions, is not conducive to the development of good learning habits.相关的主题文章: