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UnCategorized Can you imagine how exhilarating to write this article? With every word I write I turn back to see if my wife is there, reading what I write. Even writing about it makes my blood boil. I’ve been searching married dating personals all night and found about the best ways to add a little excitement to my life. I’ll share the things I found with my fellow husbands. Now I’ll start from the beginning. I fell in love with my wife. She was indifferent about me but I chased her everywhere, prepared surprises, made her laugh, offered my shoulder when she needed and successfully made her fall in love with me. A short time after that we got married. We had a great honeymoon and a wonderful marriage. Our marriage is still wonderful. We don’t quarrel and she doesn’t nag much. So I can say we are happily married. Of course the afterglow faded; the excitement ended but I don’t want to get divorced. I still love her and I’m happy to be living with her. I have only one problem. I am bored all the time. Now people do strange things when they get bored. Some of them start to drink heavily, others start to gamble. I don’t like alcohol or drugs very much, they have never been my choice of poison and I am not lucky or talented in the games of fortune. Women, they mystify me. It is always a delight to watch them try to impress you. There are games women play and they think men are stupid and won’t understand what they are trying to do. Some of them force themselves to laugh at your jokes, some do the right opposite. They sometimes act secretive; sometimes try to fool you to do their bidding. And men, we sometimes act like we are fooled for our own reasons. Anyway I missed the games I used to play with women. I missed to read the nuances in jests and mimics. Finally I didn’t want to get bored anymore. So you know my poison. It is women but how can I indulge my needs while keeping my married relationship intact? There are some strict conditions that must be met for an extramarital relationship. The most essential one is secrecy. If you are having an affair, you shouldn’t even tell your best friend. Everyone around you including your most trusted friends must believe you to be a pillar of fidelity. Everyone you know must be your character witness if the need arises. There are a lot of dating web sites in the inter.. However the profiles are not safe and secret. There are also some web sites for people just like me. In these sites married people meet with each other for romance, friendship and however far their correspondence takes them. These sites are reserved only for married dating personals. I already posted my profile and a few e-mails. Even if I don’t meet the people from the site, it will be a thrilling distraction for me to wait for mails and write answer to impress women again. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: