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Fashion-Style Now that Daytona Bike Week is over for another year, many bikers will be looking forward to other events similar to Sturgis and Laconia. Nevertheless , for me, the great time I had in Daytona won’t be something I forget too readily. I also won’t forget the distributors who work tirelessly to make sure we bikers have everything we need at these twelve-monthly rallies. One thing that’ll prove how great these distributors are is the fact that I needed to buy a new set of riding glasses with just two days gone of Bike Week. My wife bought me a .pletely new pair of riding glasses at Xmas and if you follow this blog then you might remember this. You might also remember the blog posts that I wrote where I told of my excitement for the new bike season when I would have the capacity to get the new riding glasses out. The glasses were taken out for my first long range ride on the trip to Daytona. They offered perfect eye protection not to mention being really .fortable to wear and looking fantastic. No.heless , the issue was that I did not do such a good job of protecting them. I was messing about with a couple of friends on the second day of Bike Week and I dropped my riding glasses on the ground. I lost my balance and as I tried to right myself, I stepped on top of the glasses and destroyed them. As you can imagine, my wife wasn’t too pleased and I was also very unhappy. Luckily, seeing that the Online Biker Shop was right there in the Daytona area, I was able to purchase an identical replacement pair without losing a beat. I’m so grateful to OBS! For the rest of Bike Week, we had a wonderful time. We spent a great deal of time on the beach just enjoying the excellent weather. Being from the northeast, we really tried to soak up every bit of sunshine that we could. And I really appreciated all of the suppliers who were on hand to supply us with things such as food, t-shirts, patches and even new riding glasses. So I am already anticipating Bike Week 2013! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: