White and wet change Bureau of meteorology to sell Meng seeking understanding the wind is not seriou kamikaze love

White and wet change? The weather bureau sell adorable seeking understanding: the wind not serious in Beijing – the newspaper news (reporter Zhao Tingting) the first snowfall this winter came, the northern region of Beijing City, and the southeast region appeared to snow. After the snow, Beijing quickly entered the "frozen" mode, the Municipal Meteorological Observatory issued the first warning cold today is expected this year, the highest temperature during the day is 0 DEG C, minimum night temperature is -10 degrees celsius. Although the snow snow reached the standard, but there is still a gap with the public’s expectations, in this regard, Chinese Meteorological Bureau official micro-blog apologized for a lovely response". In November 19th midnight, most parts of the city appear in the northeastern parts as rain, sleet; beginning November 20th at noon, the West and north of the mountain of sleet or snow, the YanQing Railway Station around 16 sleet turn to snow, 22 to 23 most of the city station to sleet, snow around midnight. As at 10 on November 21st, the city’s northern region, urban areas and the southeastern region of the middle of the snow, the biggest snow appeared in Pinggu glass platform 8.5 mm. The rain lasted for a long time, "phase transformation" complex, the conditions in line with the standard to judge the first snow in meteorology, which Beijing the first snowfall this winter. Although the party and the public, but look in the snow, Blizzard is still a big gap, in the face of users questioned, Chinese Meteorological Bureau official micro-blog issued an important notice yesterday: "the original contract is scheduled for today to blizzard, because halfway temperatures too warm, the ‘white’ becomes’ wet’! If the next big snow is certainly not small, if the next small will certainly not large, please forgive the public! God is not easy, the weather station is even harder! After the completion of the specific circumstances, the observatory will report to the public. Warm weather reminder: if it does not snow this afternoon, tomorrow does not snow, then there will be no snow in these two days. The weather station advises girls in recent days don’t wear skirts, easy to be up, snow is snow, but the wind is not serious!" In the mind of the public meteorological bureau of poker-faced originally actually used to sell so adorable voice complaint response, users seem to have some temper out, some users have a message in response to small. Friends Ning 5670476406, said: small series is a good small series, is love to open a small joke." Netizen a piece of building blocks _Brick said: micro-blog is a good micro-blog, but small series is not serious do not know." But there are users who sell this way to understand the idea of selling do not agree. Users can not sell Youth passes as a fleeting wave., adorable answer public questions, this explanation can only make people feel lack of professional meteorological department. Beijing Railway Bureau staff to clear the snow for railway Beijing Railway Bureau asked whether the snow can reach the middle of the snow, local Blizzard? The city meteorological station said that the rain and snow weather process is the common effect of strong cold air and warm air in the south. Due to relatively strong warm air, cold air southward speed blocked, most parts of Beijing’s temperature fell to 0 degrees is not expected soon. Therefore, the rain and snow "phase transformation was postponed to November 20th half.相关的主题文章: