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[Wenzhou] for a hotel in a city, Shangri-La delicacy trip – Sohu tourism is very lucky, as a hotel, this time I was Ctrip hotel promotion public number selected experience Wenzhou Shangri-La Hotel experience packages, just I have never been to Wenzhou, so in the early autumn season, I specially arranged two days to a tour of Wenzhou. ****************************** more travel please pay attention to my micro-blog magazine: @ micro-blog link: [traffic] a big traffic: to process: D3295 09:41-12:55 – G7622: return to Hangzhou East Railway Station WenZhou South Railway Station WenZhou South Railway Station Hangzhou East Railway Station 14:57-17:07 — city traffic: Shangri-La Hotel shuttle taxi drops + + [] Wenzhou Shangri-La Hotel Shangri-La Hotel accommodation: Wenzhou is one of only two of the five star hotel, hotel facilities or services from both the impeccable. This time, we live in the deluxe room on the 24 floor. Dining restaurant in Shangri-La [], Ou Shang palace coffee in the cafeteria and deluxe lounge are about the experience of. [tour] near the taxi to Wenzhou are slow life park — meters of real CEI, but also can walk through the Oujiang river. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — D1: was still on the train received a Shangri-La Hotel staff phone, that has helped me to arrange the shuttle. The train, see the Shangri-La Hotel concierge staff dressed in red uniforms in the train station waiting for me, the hotel staff enthusiasm saw me help me took the luggage, as a regular female man walk out of contact with anyone for a long time did not enjoy such treatment, feel the warm heart. Sitting on the hotel’s Mercedes Benz car, the staff immediately handed a hot towel and mineral water, and immediately opened the modern people go out, the moment can not be separated from the WIFI. The hotel in the Lucheng District incense source road 1, should belong to the New District of Wenzhou, but fortunately, Wenzhou, from the WenZhou South Railway Station to open over half an hour to reach the. Under the car, in the room for a good check-in has been nearly 14:00 PM, the province wants to lose weight meal, the hotel staff told the cafeteria is not at the end of the business, well, I don’t mention it, began continuous N meal to eat eat, eat non-stop rhythm. Wenzhou sea, also known as food my favorite seafood, but after lunch time, I will ask the chef cooked a bowl of wonton to eat now. The pink meat stuffing, yellow eggs and shrimp skin, green vegetables, let a person look very appetizing. Fill the stomach, just have the energy to take a good look at this hotel. The design features of Shangri-La has always been to the rich culture of the Asian famous, from the hotel filled with Chinese features, fresh and elegant fragrance to the whole decoration.相关的主题文章: