Volkswagen released a new pure electric concept car Trailer Paris debut

The public release of the new electric concept car trailer debut in Paris according to reports, Volkswagen New Electric (EV) concept car will be in this month at the end of the Paris auto show world debut recently, Volkswagen has released two official car trailer map, we can see the design with the non electric cars are different. After experiencing the exhaust door event, the Volkswagen Group to make strategic adjustments, began to tilt the field of electric vehicles. It is reported that this new compact electric vehicle production plan in early 2018 or in 2019, its mileage (with reference, pictures, inquiry) between 250 to 300 miles (about 402 km). Mass production models will be the first Volkswagen MEB platform based on electric vehicles. Volkswagen said that the car marks a brand new brand in the field, and the Beatles (with reference to, pictures, inquiry) similar to the disruptive new models. Last month, CEO Herbert Diess, the Volkswagen brand has revealed that the size and the golf EV concept car (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) similar to the hatchback, the interior space close to the Passat midsize sedan, because the battery is installed in the floor, thus freeing up more interior space. The electric car Volkswagen brand future lineup includes a compact SUV, a coupe and Phaeton (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) car replacement inheritance models. Volkswagen Group plans to release 30 pure electric vehicles by 2025, accounting for 25% of total sales.相关的主题文章: