Use Fingerprint Readers To Enhance The Access Control In Your

Over the past few years fingerprint readers have .e into the mainstream including in police stations, high-security buildings and even on .puter keyboard. In order to decide whether or not you need one, you need to be aware of how they work. Fingerprint readers for access control basics It just so happens that human beings have organic identity cards. This unique design, representing you alone, is literally at your fingertips. People have tiny ridges of skin on their fingers for evolutionary reasons. The ridges on the fingers make it easier for the hands to grip. They formed because of a .bination of genetic and environmental factors. There are many other environmental and developmental factors influencing the formation of the fingers. The chance of same exact pattern forming twice is virtually zero. As a result, this means that fingerprints are unique to every person. Although two prints look similar at a glance, there are always clear distinct differences. That is what makes fingerprint readers for access control possible. In effect, fingerprint readers for access control take the place of a fingerprint analyst by .paring the scan with other samples on record. How do fingerprint readers for access control work? There are several ways for access control systems could verify authorised entry. Most access control systems looking for either: an identity card, a password/PIN number or a physical attribute. Physical evidence is extremely difficult to fake. Options include fingerprints, voices oririspatterns. More specifically, fingerprint readers for access control are beneficial over other for a variety of reasons: – Fingerprints are much more difficult to fake than identity cards. – Fingerprint patterns cannot by guessed – unlike a password. – Obviously, you cant lose your fingerprints, like you can misplace access cards. – By the same logic, you cant forget them, like you can a password. Some considerations As effective as they are, fingerprint readers aren’t infallible, and they do have disadvantages. Optical fingerprint readers can’t always distinguish between a picture of a finger and a real finger. Therefore, it is possible to trick the scanner. In a worst possible situation, a criminal can cut off a finger and use it to get into the building. Although some scanners include pulse and heat sensors for verification of life, even these systems can be fooled – using a gelatine mould over a real finger. It is therefore a good idea to .bine fingerprint readers for access control with conventional identification – such as a passwords. It is easy to change your card or passwords, but you cannot change your fingerprints. There is no way to get new fingerprints. That said, fingerprint scanners are still an excellent method of access control. It is likely that, in the future, there will be a rise in the use of fingerprint readers. 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