U.S. think tank will give the World War II atomic bomb Photo History Museum of Hiroshima stellarium

The United States think tank in World War II atomic bomb explosion to the Hiroshima Museum of historical photos during the Second World War in the United States, Japan and Hiroshima to Nagasaki after the two atomic bomb within a few days, a U.S. General in Washington operations for a group of senior government officials briefly introduced the relevant circumstances. At that time, major general Leslie groves (Leslie? Groves) carry a group of warriors shocked those photos may be a veteran in battle. This group of black and white photographs with high resolution, show the two flower definition of modern historical process of mushroom cloud, and display after August 6, 1945 and 9 air strikes on the big bang of the two ruined city. It is understood that he had command of the development of the atomic bomb to use nuclear fission reactions "project Manhattan (Manhattan Project)". In this program, Robert, a Jewish American physicist, Oppenheimer, designed and created the world’s first nuclear bomb (Robert). Recently, the Washington think-tank (Stimson Center) co-founder Michael Krepon? (Michael Krepon) said in a Agence France-Presse to show this group of historical pictures, "if you are a cabinet secretary, or a member of the receipt of the briefing, imagine seeing photos after the sense of awe and fear. That year, the Japanese side did not make any defense against the bomb." Since twentieth Century 90s, a think-tank for the group of shocking photos, but Krempang decided last year to be presented to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum (Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum). After consulting the way the photos were displayed, American workers sent them to japan. Krempang on the more than and 20 photos Jicang said: "many people cannot see this group of photos of the atomic bomb during World War II in think tanks, but I think as a part of history, these photos belong to Japan, so I decided to give to the world, people remember history, to defend peace." (China Heritage Network compile reports) source: artdaily compiler: Ji Lu相关的主题文章: