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Trump appointed chief of staff: media display and congressional willingness to cooperate in local time on November 10th, President Obama and President elect Trump for as long as 1.5 hours of meetings at the White House, to discuss the handover matters. Local time on the morning of November 9th, Donald · Trump announced that · has been called to congratulate him on his 2016 presidential election in the United States to win the election of the president of the United States. Trump, the Republican candidate for president of the United States, has successfully reversed the unfavorable situation before the election and defeated the Democratic candidate, ·, and; and in the case of the Democratic Party in the United States, Mr. Clinton. In November 14 Xinhua comprehensive report, local time 13 days, Trump was elected president of the United States announced its first personnel arrangement, the chairman of the Republican National Committee rhince · Perth (Reince Priebus); he will serve as Trump’s White House chief of staff, the former campaign committee chairman Trump (Steve Bannon) as senior advisor. Trump said in a statement, I am very pleased to have such a successful team to lead my country. Steve and Reins are the leaders who have helped me on my way, and now I have brought them to the White House, to strengthen the nation with me." Puri Perth said in a statement, will be committed to creating a suitable for all economic model, to protect the American border, Obama canceled health insurance. Trump served as chief executive of the Palestinian agricultural campaign said: "Trump and I started working together since the summer, and established good cooperative relations, now, we will continue to play this partnership at work, help Trump achieve its target schedule." The new Trump Administration for all the seats long determined only in the White House chief of staff, in order to be clear. So the key indicator is the Trump administration to chief of staff person, who will choose much outside attention. The central agency said, Puri Bose is the United States Federal House Speaker Paul · Ruian’s close ally, the appointment means that Trump is willing to cooperate with Ruian and the Republican dominated Congress, so his bill passed. After the election, Trump appointed his deputy leader of the transition team led by Burns. In fact, before Trump wins, his campaign advisers have begun to consider possible personnel appointments, but the U.S. media said, because I was at the time of superstition, Trump did not participate in the selection of the list before the draft. However, Trump’s advisers may draw up a list of candidates, including Puri Bose, chairman Gingrich, former defense intelligence chief Flynn and the Republican National Committee in the United States before the Congress, or will serve Trump’s secretary of state, Secretary of defense and the White House chief of staff.相关的主题文章: