Trespass house Fukuyama Masaharu fan was convicted for probation (video)

Trespass house Fukuyama Masaharu fan was convicted for probation Fukuyama Masaharu Tencent entertainment news according to Hongkong media reports, the Japanese married male god Fukuyama Masaharu, in May 6th this year was the female fans trespassing the Shibuya District apartment, and was believed to have been pregnant, "Fukuyama sister-in-law" blowing stone Hui is a hit with, events, a in the Fushan apartment management company staff work at the age of 48 Miyamoto Mariko was arrested, Fukuyama said earlier that the events that two couples are surprised and fear, not an ordinary life, ask for a heavy sentence, according to the two couples have moved to another place to live. Kazue Fukiishi stepped into the age of 34 today, was charged with breaking the crime of residence in the city of Tokyo this morning was sentenced to be sentenced to imprisonment for 1 years, suspended for a period of 3 years. The judge accused Miyamoto Mariko of abusing the powers of management, it is difficult to estimate the damage caused to the victim, and while the couple was not at home when the Fushan dressing is very clever and cunning to commit crimes, comply with the hope that she is no longer close to the couple and related persons. Fukuyama. Wearing a white shirt with dark blue trousers, with brown hair and makeup on her, to hear the verdict after a tearful nod, then she left by taxi waiting at the door, failing to respond to media questions. Johnwoo’s new film Osaka boot, "hunt", Zhang Hanyu, ""相关的主题文章: