Tourism In Vietnam Infected By

Travel-and-Leisure Travel .panies Vietran tour has been more than 10 missions to cancel tour Russia, Vietravel 2 groups back to the time for flu. Not only international visitors, tourists and Vietnamese lest the H1N1 outbreaks are spread quickly. The amount of international visitors to Vietnam’s strong individual 7 months decreased 20% over the same period last year. Tourism .panies large as in Hanoi Vietnam Tourism, Hanoi Tourist, Vietran tour … of international visitors decreased 20-30%. Ba Dinh Nguyet Anh, Director Vietran tour for 7 months from now, the international missions repeatedly cancel tour, though registered service ticket to Vietnam. Domestic routes travel south also react strongly reduced by the outbreak of HPAI Bng here. "Information Disease suffuse the web, images of patients with isolation, wearing customs export pages from the airport, the outbreak at school … makes international travel very lest. Meanwhile, Total Tourism in France have not yet an tr?n guests, "she Anh .ment. According to Ms. Nguyet Anh, the travel is to face many difficulties when organized tour, as a group of tourists from Noi Bai airport in preparation for the scene with a high body temperature was kept customs, is the group of visitors do not continue to go. Airfare, all services for this group has been placed in you should cancel the tour, the travel is very much damage. Ms. Le Thu Hang, Office Market, Tourist .pany Vietnam, said early this week a group tourists to Can Tho also canceled because tour lest flu. Guest international 6 months decreased to 30% and can last many years longer than decrease. Programs to reduce both HCMC registration of new customers, many retail group would cancel tour. According to Ms. Hang, although still a summer song of tourists registered traveler 8 months only 60-70% .pared with the previous month. Mr. Luu Duc Ke, Director of Tourist .pany Hanoi tourist recognize, organize travel abroad this time is quite risky. If some guests have high body temperature will be in isolation hospitals abroad ten days, and costs incurred more troublesome for the visitors and the travel. "Meanwhile, Tourism New re.mended but not taken to prohibit and areas, travel should be responsible for the network’s" Next, he said. To protect visitors, the units are to travel to sites, information on the region, tourist how to prevent, identify signs of flu. However, people do not also work. Ba Dinh Nguyet Anh said, only about 20% of tourists used to and they often used in airports, where people, but when the tourist is not who they used. Nguyen Cong Hoan, Deputy Director of Center Hanoi travel Redtour for the export of tourist sites but very little use because they feel un.fortable. Re.mended not to supermarkets, amusement points but still many customers because they want to play, needs shopping. "The unit can not travel required visitors to wear the page, but advanced awareness prevent them", he expressed Hoan. To relieve tourists, most units are buying travel insurance, such as Tourist .pany Vietravel offer insurance packages for most travelers in Europe is 75,000 USD per person. The tour abroad with the remaining amount of insurance is $ 10,000. Besides, the tour are in the influenza A insurance for visitors, to the maximum insured a 5000 USD. Saigontourist awarded insurance to the maximum .pensation for tourist routes in Europe is 50,000 USD and the remaining line is $ 10,000. Although the program has to go west in the south this summer, but her family Huong Ha, owner of a shop on the Giai Phong, canceled tours to hear the news and Bng this area. Direction for her family will move back to the days when tourism flu deposition. By traveling this time is quite risky, report on the radio throughout the flu and spread quickly, not to play the point, her family should be at home for safety. Talking to, Nguyen Manh Cuong, Deputy Director General Department of Tourism Vietnam, said week to travel agencies will be in press conference on the disease and make re.mendations tourists. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: