To celebrate the triumph of the Olympic champion trumpchi gs8 positive energy txplatform

To celebrate the triumph of the Olympic champion trumpchi GS8 positive energy in September 9th, 2016 of Hong Kong and Macao sports Expo officially opened in Guangzhou Pazhou poly World Trade expo. In order to celebrate the triumph of Olympic athletes, GAC trumpchi Guangdong to the Rio Olympics Champion Award ceremony is held in the car Expo period. Wang Yuping, deputy director of the Provincial Sports Bureau, deputy director of the Olympic champion, Chen Aisen, and general manager of the general manager of Guangzhou automobile passenger car, deputy general manager, general manager, attended the ceremony of giving gifts to the car of the people’s Republic of China, general manager of the Chinese people’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as ""), deputy director general of the Sports Bureau of Guangdong Province, and the deputy general manager of the company in charge of the public security. The ceremony, general manager GAMC trumpchi GS8 Yu Jun presented to Chen Aisen, Fu Haifeng keys, to encourage the Olympic athletes to go beyond the self, to create a new legend! In this year’s Olympic Games in Rio, Chinese delegation won 26 Gold 18 silver and 26 bronze medals, a total of 70. Among them, the delegation of Guangdong new heights, won 5 gold 2 silver and 4 bronze medals for 11, gold medals and medals are ranked second in the country: Chen Aisen won the men’s single and double 10 meter diving two gold medals achievement "double"; Fu Haifeng and his teammate Zhang Nan won the men’s doubles gold medal partner badminton champion Liu Shiwen Nvping; won the table tennis women’s team gold medal; Liu Hong won the women’s 20 km race gold. "At the Rio Olympics, the delegation of Guangdong to new heights. Therefore, we decided to the Rio Olympics every seven NTU Guangdong champion with a high-end SUV trumpchi GS8, Guangdong hope athletes continue to go beyond the self, to create a new legend! "GAMC general manager Yu Jun said in his speech. In fact, as early as the 2012 London Olympic Games, the Olympic Games is trumpchi and soon, together with the Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau and the Guangdong province sports foundation, presented a trumpchi GS5 per Guangdong champion. While trumpchi will participate in international sports events since 2010, the first trumpchi car of Guangzhou Asian Games as the official concierge reception car, then in the ITTF world tour, the Twelfth National Games, National Chess Championship, through sports marketing activities, trumpchi gradually by more and more people understanding and love. The champion has become GS8, as the "to" conquer, highly compatible with the Olympic Games "higher, faster and stronger" spirit connotation. GS8 is trumpchi luxury C platform on the positive development effort to build a high-end masterpiece based on the original design appearance, have the advantage of high international quality and safety, excellent ride comfort, creating cutting-edge technology integration of the international trend and China wisdom, perfect trumpchi brand high quality DNA inheritance. GS8 has been regarded as the authority of the media, the Chinese brand to replace the strength of the joint venture brand, is a landmark in the history of the development of Chinese brand SUV products, is expected in October this year, officially put on the market. Trumpchi has always been to create high-quality, high security and excellent performance in world class products as its mission, will start in the high-end positioning, adhere to the Chinese automobile brand value and to tackle the barriers, become a new industrial era of China automobile dream team. By adhering to the positive development, adhere to the international standards, aggregation of global resources, world-class cars system construction set global R & D network, Guangzhou Guangzhou production, global supply chain system as a whole, in the car!相关的主题文章: