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Health I?m sure you?ve heard the term, ?Think yourself thin.? And you have probably wondered what in the world that means. What it means is that there is a psychology to living a healthy lifestyle, and that often .pulsive overeating, emotional overeating and obesity is the result of our emotional lives being out of balance with our actions. We think, therefore we eat. With half of the population of the US, UK and Australia overweight, what it seems that we are really doing is ?thinking ourselves fat.? But why? Walk through the grocery store and you?ll find fresh produce and meat along with dairy products, and the ingredients to prepare yourself a healthy meal. But you will also find aisle upon aisle of instant dinners, snack foods, and ?easy and quick? foods. With bright colors and catchy slogans, advertisers attempt to sell you foods that are fast to prepare, but bad for your body. These ?foods? are full of toxins, empty calories, salt, bad fat, and sugar, and all of them lead to serious health problems. But marketers are savvy to the psychological triggers that lead people to buy and consume their foods. They tell us and show us ? through ads in print, on the radio and on TV ? that eating these fast foods will make us happier and give us more time to enjoy other things besides cooking . This shouldn?t surprise you ? but they are lying! Consuming foods that are low in nutrients doesn?t make you happy ? it makes you fat and sick. And the high salt and sugar content simply make you want more of these substances that cause obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other serious health issues. The toxins that exist in these pre-packaged and quick microwave foods remain in our bodies, making us tired, sick and overweight. The answer to thinking yourself thin is actually pretty simple: to understand what causes you to overeat in the first place, to recognize the triggers, to know how to divert your desire to eat unhealthy foods, and to reap the rewards of a healthier lifestyle. It?s so easy to live a healthy life ? participate in activities with your kids, feel full of energy and vitality, and enjoy every day adventures ? when you finally know how to harness your mind to get the results you want, how to detoxify your body, how to give it the nutrients it needs, and how to feel good about yourself as you learn and grow in self knowledge and appreciation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: