They live in a 11.6 square meters of the room, but more than 90% of the people are happy – Sohu

They live in a 11.6 square meters of the room, but more than 90% of the people are happy – Sohu blue word "interior design" alliance ", the first concern China reply", "digital design platform was the latest HD + Taiwan designer Steve Leung works of this small house, carrying the world scenery. · · · home to travel, almost all people want to own their own home, tired after a day off day and night rush placed in Western dress and leather shoes, the body and mind. How many people have ever thought that it is worthwhile for us to be so tired in order to get home? This is one of the young couple’s troubles, both is the company’s small staff, in the face of the landlord does not rent time, had enough frequent moving day, prices are soaring, pay a down payment, they have a monthly "branny pharynx course" day. Wife Jenna is an administrative assistant, her husband Guilaume is an engineer how to do?. Two people to discuss a few, make a bold decision: do not buy a house. The husband suggested that they could use their savings to build a mobile home, and then take Salies around the world. Pet Salies listened to this idea, the wife felt a little crazy, But, why to try it (why not try it?) They resolutely do not hesitate to quit your job. Began to design their future home. They refer to a lot of small Huxing design, read a lot of books. The house is to be mounted on wheels, unlike ordinary foundations, it requires better bearing capacity. His wife Jenna have always believed that the home is two people, so she also personally "surgeon" battle. Never complain about the hard work of his wife, her husband moved. He said that the wife is not spoiled, I want to cherish her more. The wife responds with emotion: happiness is that the two people share the same idea and are willing to work together to achieve it. For the engineer’s husband, it is not difficult to build a house, and soon, the framework of the house is done. Guillaume every day like extremely excited! In addition to eating and sleeping, the rest of the time to build a house. The heart to link each board, Jenna was surprised, her husband has so carefully side. Perhaps among people know, to love the people from a screw to start building blocks into a house, how much happiness and satisfaction. Slowly, some buddy by their encouragement, also have to join their "housing plan" to. See a small partner fuck guy, simple equipment began to work when the two people’s eyes blurred instantly. Before that, they were worried that their friends would not understand. I did not expect friends to support them with action. We are full of energy, the house has begun to shape. And after more than 1 thousand hours,!相关的主题文章: