The tragic history of budding fangpian guide students everywhere

The tragic history of fangpian guide students coming all corners of the country in September, and a number of new college, received a tragic history from all corners of the country…… All kinds of scam lurking in the side, need to polish his eyes. @GKyuhyu: a lot of seniors to the dormitory door selling an English newspaper, said the freshmen need to book a semester, because every college student must have four, 200 yuan, but many people don’t pay after received the newspaper. @ TA Mao clamp: all links type URL allows you to login, registration, such as telecommunications, such as Taobao, if you must, you search into the comparison between two sites, if the logo prefix is not the same, basically you can pull into the blacklist. Do not use the other side of the site to lose any information. Years streamer: about English newspapers, should be the most common. At the beginning of the "passion" fellow students as we recommend English newspapers, said directly to the bedroom door, the past year, a No. Senior we didn’t want to be so good, and the villagers should maintain vigilance. Remember a word: don’t be greedy, you can’t expect anything, don’t expect to make a lot of money. @ a pocket watch rabbit: I still remember just entered school there are people selling mobile phone cards and washbasin thermos bottle, the dormitory is uninterrupted door selling. When a senior let us buy a U and a calculator, then we U disk all in less than half the time The whole army was wiped out. A small girl in the dormitory to give Taobao brush praise, cheated nearly 3000 yuan. Be sure to remember, when the new report did not fall off the pie in the sky, you will find that the activities every day, but on this day the most pit". Love: @ Deng university has a basic computer culture course, because of too little contact before the computer and the Internet, so I even basic Internet, typing and other basic operations are not, but the time is not enough to learn the computer classes. One day, I was alone in the field, doings of ghosts and gods, was a self proclaimed "mentor" who advised, he bought a so-called IBM latest laptop computer, I spent 1200 yuan. Later proved to be a fast 7 year master machine, less than two months on end". This matter, I have not dared to explain to the home, but later from a few students who borrowed a few hundred dollars, and through the follow-up work study slowly put the money to return. Involved in a slightly larger amount of spending, and students, counselors and other advisory communication must be careful to get more advice. @ Xun: if it is to charge new city, before going to school, we must first on the map to check the bus or subway, some taxi drivers in order to make money, even to not recognize the road to the wrong bus. Claiming to be the "Hometown" of the people, you may sell black quilts, that bad ah, night cover will make you angry. Do not put their own baggage alone to the "fellow" and pay their own tuition what. A very important point: to set up a stall in the bank teller machine next to the school dormitory near, let you do what off-site transfer money can save money business, be careful of your money in the bank card that take wings to itself!)相关的主题文章: