The old man hit the car up strongly denied the night falls

The night falls hit in late October 9th 11:03 denied Chelsea wake up, Mr. Zhou calls: Hangzhou Kaixuan Road No. 168, a 75 year old man with somnambulism, at night falls, falling from the five floor, hit a car, people rushed to the Red Cross hospital. Reporter Luo Chuanda verification report: 168 triumph Road, there are 3 residential buildings. Uncle is from 1 buildings falls 5 floor fall down. Downstairs to stop a new Skoda car. Yesterday afternoon, a sanitation worker in the cleaning of the window glass residue. The man fell from the 5 floor, I saw the scene, as if on the 2 floor of the cage on the flick, and the cable hanging up, and then hit the car glass." The sanitation workers looked up to the 5 floor of a small window, remain perplexed despite much thought, "great! So much older, 5 floor fell, normal people had gone……" This district elderly people. When an elderly falls, uncle opened the window and said in a loud voice, "he will not eat dinner, wife fed to him to eat, he used to drive a car, retirement pay four thousand or five thousand, he had two sons……" An aunt to listen to our chat, suddenly put his hands up, up to half of the palm then stopped, drooped, shaking, "he will not stand, take five steps to rest, the hand is such…… The eyes can not see clearly." The owner of the Skoda is a young guy, he said that this car is new this year to buy, all down 240 thousand, falling from the 5 floor of the glass block after uncle did not hit, but also involves the other car frame, initially asked, twenty thousand or thirty thousand dollars to repair. On compensation, guy has not come and uncle and families to discuss. I asked him what he thought, he lightly said: "saved a life is good." The Red Cross hospital building a hospital department of orthopedics, falls uncle lying in bed motionless, his mouth teeth are almost all gone, only a protrusion of the palate incisors still, Minzui with 1/3. Uncle 75 years old, Hangzhou people. 72 year old Zhang aunt uncle is the lover, uncle to take care of daily living, looks more than uncle spirit. Speaking of why his wife fell from the upstairs, Zhang aunt explained in three levels, layers of progressive. Sleepwalking is not sleepwalking, that is, during the day when the night, when the night during the day, sleep during the day, do not sleep at night. What do you do? He wants to sleep during the day you do not pull pull up, and you do not want to sleep at night you want him to sleep will not sleep." "He did not sleep last night, I did not sleep, he walked around the room how do I sleep? After midnight is a bit cold, I huddled in the nest, and from the bed several times to climb out, look at him. Before 2:20, I went to see him, he sat on the toilet, he sat in the toilet for a long time to sit, I went back to the room. A few minutes, about ten minutes, I heard bang bang, I thought something fell on the balcony, originally called his son to see the son, I want to go to work during the day, go and see for yourself – the old man disappeared." "The toilet in the window, the window is 1.2 meters high, estimated that he was stepped on the toilet, and then out, planted a somersault down…… He’s going to come out, I opened the door before, he put the window door, his eyes not easy, sometimes the TV set is the door……" Aunt Zhang helpless"相关的主题文章: