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The number of billionaires grew faster industry: Hongkong investment platform – Beijing, Beijing, October 14, according to Hongkong "Wen Wei Po" report, published 2016 report billionaire UBS and PWC 13, expected the next 20 years a total of about 460 with $1 billion in assets, the rich, the transfer of $2 trillion and 100 billion to the heir. The mainland is the fastest growing region in Asia, the number of billionaires, last year a total of 80 billionaires. UBS wealth management director head of Greater China and UBS Hongkong District Lu Caiyun pointed out that the mainland billionaire wants to diversify the investment, Hongkong will provide the "going out" for their platform, and recently revealed from the mainland rich asset management query has increased. UBS: wealth heritage needs to increase the survey data analysis of the world’s 14 markets a total of 1397 billionaires data, accounting for about the world’s billionaires wealth of $80%. The report pointed out that the world’s 13 richest man in the age of 70, holding assets of the total wealth of $40%. Because there are 85% billionaires in Asia is the first generation of wealth, since the next 20 years will occur for the first time in history a billionaire asset transfer. Last year the world’s 210 new billionaires, while Asia accounted for 113 more than half, of which 80 from the mainland, Hongkong has 11 billionaires in the. Nearly half of the billionaires from the mainland come from technology, consumer, retail and real estate. Lu Caiyun said that the mainland economy is still growing rapidly in Europe and the United States, the future is expected to be mainly from china. However, because the market is more volatile than Europe and the United States, the number of billionaires in Asia and China lost more. Lu Caiyun also said that because most of the mainland billionaires are the first generation of rich, worried that the rich but three generations, so they pay attention to asset appreciation, but also focus on how to maintain and pass on to the next generation. Since last year, the market turbulence, the mainland billionaires began to focus on asset allocation, diversification of investment and risk management, or their previous investment needs to have double-digit returns, but now they to family inheritance, such as the establishment of family offices, trust, insurance and other interested. Hong Kong asset management advantage will add opportunities to Lu Caiyun that this can bring a lot of opportunities for Hongkong, because Hongkong has many advantages in asset management, the mainland market is huge, with many assets, and Hongkong as an international financial center, the wealth management business has long history, there are a lot of capital market activities. In addition, there is a Shenzhen Hong Kong, mutual fund policy, so the mainland billionaire wants to diversify the investment, Hongkong is going to provide for their platform. She said that the recent inquiries from the mainland Regal asset management has increased. Due to the wealth of the mainland hopes to diversify investment in overseas markets and different business, the European and American real estate and science and technology, the medical industry investment inquiries also increased.相关的主题文章: