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Fashion-Style As we head into the spring season its time to start thinking about those key pieces of clothing you need to make your spring wardrobe work for you. Spring can be a difficult time of the year to dress for with those spring showers and occasion warm days, putting together a successful spring wardrobe will help you to dress for these months. From vest tops and cardigans to leggings and day dresses, most women will likely already have a lot of the key clothing items for spring in their wardrobes from other season, so its all about using these existing pieces to pull off a spring look. One of the main aspects of spring clothing is versatility and practicality, so taking that into account here are some of the clothing items that will help you to dress for spring. Waterproof jacket We all know about those spring showers so a good investment piece for your wardrobe is a waterproof jacket with a hood to keep you dry just in case of a downpour. A lightweight one will be easiest to wear; you wont get too hot but if its cold then you can throw a chunky knit underneath. You could even buy a nifty waterproof jacket that zips up small enough to go in your bag instead! Long length cardigan Every woman should have a few long length cardigans in their wardrobe already, theyre so easy to wear in pretty much any season but really work well during spring. Team with your favourite jeans, linen pants or a day dress for extra warmth and take off if we get a bit of spring sun. Try and keep it to a lightweight cardigan, youll find you wear it much more than a chunkier knit one. Vest tops You can never have too many vest tops, whether its winter or summer but for springs these versatile vests will be your best friends. Wear under cardigans, jumpers and so much more for extra warmth, with the ability to wear alone if you get too warm. Vest tops are also great for layering key to any successful spring wardrobe. Linen trousers You may already have a few pairs of linen trousers left over from your summer holidays so bring them back out because spring is the perfect time to get back into them. The most versatile trousers around, wear with knitwear or simple tops, while theyre also so easy to take from day to night with style. Leggings With tunics, day dresses, knitwear and more, leggings are so versatile that you definitely need a few pairs of them in your spring wardrobe. Of course, black are the most popular leggings, but youll find grey, brown and blue are also really versatile too and will see you right through spring in style. Day dresses Dont be afraid of looking too young in a day dress, there are plenty of styles around that work for all ages. A floral print or abstract design will be great to add a touch of colour to your look, while simple block colours will be most versatile. Great for a spring wardrobe, wear day dresses with leggings, tights or jeans and team with a lightweight knitted cardigan. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: