The main hall staged fashion debut 20 anniversary celebration, Ellassay Yao capital segotep

The main hall staged fashion debut 20 anniversary celebration, Ellassay shine Beijing yellow glazed brick, ancient pine, white marble thousand years of history, November 2, 2016 – swaying skirt, axis side in Chongli, the emperors of the Imperial Ancestral Temple in the main hall, the first ever appeared clothing brands from ELLASSAY elegant dress modern and stylish, retractable, waist, shoulder and wrist was Chinese female body; light condensed fast suits from Germany Laurè L, the real wear Yu revealed subtle thoughts in texture and printing; from fabrics to color throughout the bright leisurely IRO unique style of French fashion show finally, Ed Hardy to the American sports jacket and graffiti light…… From all over the world, the style is different, they are gathered and then boarded the Beijing ancestral temple main hall, was traced to a fashion shoot just as early as 90s, landing China came into being and the distance Chinese fashion with lofty name chiseled twenty years: ELLASSAY (Ge Lisi). ELLASSAY (Ge Lisi) opening, interpretation of women’s unique feminine elegant German high-end women’s Laurè L in artistic language interpretation of the new era feminist attitude of French fashion brand IRO show bright leisurely French fashion light luxury fashion brand Ed hardy with its American characteristics sports jacket and graffiti to ignite the audience that night, as the existing China the largest gold rimmed nanmu palace, wrapped in the Imperial Ancestral Temple main hall roof painting buildings, large nanmu rare, as Ge Lisi sujiu the history background of the quality of the show since. As the Centennial Hall of the first show, Ellassay collision of modern fashion aesthetics and classical royal buildings struck every nerve of the guests in the show every inch of space. This has been accompanied by power and China fashion through twenty years time the China high fashion brand ELLASSAY (Ge Lisi) step by step exploration, solid way, in front of Ge Lisi, seems to have group scale and internationalization pattern. Creative background show Ellassay since the Imperial Ancestral Temple Ellassay sujiu the history of the most magnificent modern fashion aesthetics and classical imperial royal architectural field witness, more fashion Media Group CEO somans, "ELLE" brand, Chinese publisher Hu Shuyi Claire chief content officer Deng Li, "pleasedoneself" publisher Zhao Ying SELF the media industry leader, and internationally renowned designer Vivienne Tam, Ms. Tan Yanyu fashion blogger Xu Fengli Lady, fashion and other fashion designers talk about venture capital and fashion blogger. On the one hand, from the field to personal style span small guests gathered, Ellassay is the strength of precipitation and inclusive results, in addition, such as cultural celebrities offer force behind fashion group pilot of creative industry in China, China’s fashion publishing, new bloggers and Social Media Buzz on the tide. Ellassay chairman Xia Guoxin: "twenty years is not brilliant, is just the beginning." Remove the acquisition of international expansion, such as the way, close to China’s LVMH long-term vision action decisions.相关的主题文章: