The Law Of Attraction And New Age

UnCategorized New age theories originate from occultism, neopaganism and shamanism. The ideas state that the human mind has enormous strengths and this makes us capable of achieving everything in life. The theories explain that we make our own reality, which means overcoming all possible adversities and fulfilling our mission. The theory states that the human mind has enormous powers and can confront all negative forces that are likely to impede progress. An individual is guided by their inner voice or intuition, which is commonly referred to as divine guidance. The ‘inner call’, according to the theory results from a state of inner consciousness, which is the attainment of a state of mind at which one is able to see and therefore, make his reality. New age theories speak to the law of attraction by their emphasis on the potential of the inner voice and the need for its realization. Both the modern theory and the law of attraction theories accept that the human mind is the driving force behind all successful developments in life. Like the new age theories, the law of attraction also states that positive thoughts attract positive action and in turn, bring about positive results. It is the inner understanding of ones mind and a positive belief in his thinking that leads a man to reach this end. new age of theories stress the need for complete faith in ones inner self and self guidance rather than scientific methods operating on the plain of doubt and questioning. Both theories, talk about realization of ‘inner being’, acceptance and consistency of thinking. The law of attraction too, operates on the principle of faith in ones thoughts and translates ones actions as a direct outcome of ones thought process. The law of attraction differs from the new age theories at the level of inner consciousness; while new age theories explain that the exploration of the inner self is for the realization of the cosmic goal, the law of attraction centers on individual self awakening for individual achievement. New age theoreticians parallel individual self exploration with spiritual exploration. According to the theories, every individual has a fixed purpose in life and this purpose is related to universal goodness. Thus, the new age theories are a further extension of the goal law of attraction. The new age theory identifies individual accomplishment with cosmic consciousness, starting a fresh new journey from where the law of attraction reaches its end. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: