The French defenders published the parties not the French people of resistance against fascist aggre

"The French defenders" published: the parties not the French people of resistance against fascist aggression history – International – 28 November, Oriental Press recently published a famous French politician, 100 year old Robert? Is peron (1915–2014) the Second World War, "the French resistance". The book Chinese version by senior consultant and foreign pen member by Cao Songhao Chinese of france. It is in the form of interviews memoir peron, focuses on France resistance movement history, singing of French people in general De Gaulle and chairman of the resistance movement? Mullen under the leadership of the German fascist invaders will struggle and the liberation of Paris valiant record. As the author of the long term as the president of the association of anti German veterans, the book has a high degree of authenticity, generality and authority, with an important historical reference value. The book Chinese version by the French Socialist Party four minister, Senator Pierre and Mr. Sheweineiwang let? China former ambassador to France and vice chairman of the NPC Foreign Affairs Committee, the Foreign President Mr. Cai Fangbai a pen. Ambassador Cai pointed out in the preface: "published" in translation China French resistance ", whether in deepening the study of De Gaulle and France on the history of the war, or to strengthen the Sino French cultural exchange and friendship between China and France, is a commendable thing". (commissioning editor: Qin Boya, Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: