The first Chery Yi Ruize 7e new energy new choice

The first Chery Yi Ruize 7e new energy new Phoenix car · to drive Chinese is the world’s largest car market, but in today’s Chinese, want to have a car is not so easy. Money is not the main problem, the earth people know Chinese not bad money, but for the north, on the broad way of big city consumers, Car Buying barrier is the most fundamental policies and regulations, restriction, limited license, easy to turn people away. New energy vehicles have to want to own a car, seemingly simple, but in reality difficult. Fortunately, the policy is not completely blocked, some modifications can place always, the choice of new energy vehicles is the current response to the purchase, limit of card method. In fact, this is the country wants to achieve the goal, the future of the automotive market is a new energy vehicles. So, we see almost all of the automobile enterprises in transition to new energy, in order to not fall behind, new energy vehicles must have. However, the definition of new energy vehicles, classification is not clear, the various policies and regulations are not the same, electric cars, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fuel cells can be classified as such. Different models in different markets, the treatment is also different, Beijing is only open to the electric car, and Shanghai, Guangzhou is open, inclusive, plug-in hybrid can also have preferential policies. Chery Yi Ruize 7e official guide price models (million yuan) after deducting subsidies the lowest price e Zhi Zun edition 21.29 14.79 e 19.29 12.79 e to enjoy edition Zisun edition 17.99 11.49 tab: Phoenix car Chery Yi Ruize 7 to build Ai Ruize based on 7e, is born in the framework of relevant policies and regulations under a plug the hybrid electric vehicle, has been listed in July 26th this year, the basic price of three models of 17.99-21.29 million, the lowest price to enjoy the national policy subsidies 11.49-14.79 yuan. For those who purchase, limited license area consumers, this is a new choice. AI Ruize 7e is Chery’s first plug-in hybrid car, is a latecomer in the new energy vehicle, it will face competitors: BYD and Roewe Qin e550, from the price point of view, it is cheaper than the other two, and in order to comply with the relevant policies of new energy vehicles in Shanghai, specially launch of the tank volume is less than or equal to 40L version, very targeted. AI Ruize with rival 7e price comparison models Chery Yi Ruize 7e BYD Qin Roewe e550 official guide price (yuan) 17.99-21.29 20.98-30.98 23.98 tab: Phoenix car so the actual performance of the plug-in 7e this AI Ruize’s new hybrid car? Through the brief test, we try to understand. The change of the medium-term continuation of the previous style vehicle appearance, interior part do not introduce too much, AI Ruize 7e and AI Ruize 7 to maintain a high level of similarity, although the whole body with three years ago, Yi Ruize 7 has just launched a little difference, but the other in today is still good. Before the launch of Geely imperial GL, odd.相关的主题文章: