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The eastern mountains of Wuzhishi, beautiful Mount Sanqingshan – tourism Sohu comparable to write down the title, many of my friends do not understand, Mount Sanqingshan is a world natural heritage, Chinese famous Taoist mountains, domestic AAAAA scenic spot, and Wuzhishi is only a minor celebrity in Guangdong, many foreigners had not even heard of, once more, Mount Sanqingshan is the typical granite landform, which is obviously Wuzhishi is Danxia landform, confused two entirely different categories of scenic spot is not curry favour by claptrap? Don’t worry, let Yufan slowly broken down! First of all, Chongqing sail here in brief Wuzhishi area, it is located in Guangdong, Jiangxi and Fujian provinces at the junction of Pingyuan County of Guangdong Province, Guangdong is the famous Danxia landform tourism resort, brought together the "Danxia landform, forest ecology and cultural heritage" three landscape, both male, odd, dangerous, show and you, the characteristics of the one. With the "five wonders" (stone, joint, odd odd tree, Qiteng, Qidong), "eight" (Jianmen, Shilin temple, bright springs, Hunyuan tower, yixiantian, fairy bed, Long Wu Temple, Qingyun Road) and quiet neighborhood, Butterfly Valley, ecological park and many other attractions. Scenic area is a sub tropical monsoon climate, the spring is not cold, not hot in summer, autumn, winter is not cold not dry, the tourist season is longer, the strange scene, Miquan Qing Lin, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of culture Lv Zhixian swim Wuzhishi, inscription said: "the five beauty of fairyland, Guangdong is emerging tourism nirvana. Next, we say that the similarities of Wuzhishi and Mount Sanqingshan: Qifeng rocks, Mount Sanqingshan Oriental Goddess, python out of the mountains, Xianbao, laugh, monkey king lady road worship, Guanyin tours and other famous magic mountain song, famous mountain Wuzhishi has five Danxia, monkeys at the moon, turtles, whales, elephants foraging Xian Shou swimming and other remarkably like the true, from this point of view, Zhifeng stone and Mount Sanqingshan are very similar; high-altitude path along the cliff, in Mount Sanqingshan to visit the most important way is to get the car ride to the mountain (of course, can also walk, just be slow), and then along the West Road and the East China Sea Road of play, and fingers stone brigade way to play almost the same, but also take up the car or walk up the hill, halfway up the hill along the plank road between high altitude and high altitude road tour, these are in suspension From the rock cliffs, pick out, not a day, nor the earth, only on the side of a cliff with support, very broad vision, along the landscape is also very rich. The first day of the landscape, in Mount Sanqingshan South Qing landscaped area, the famous yixiantian landscape, is the South Ching park to Yu Tai (East) direction of the bend, steep slopes and cliffs on both sides, such as cut, middle slope less than 1 meters wide, 120 meters long, about one hundred meters high, the narrowest point only 1 people the visitors, so far, looked up and saw only a blue sky; and Wuzhishi scenic area also has a day like this, but also more than a narrow slit belly, wear only thirty to forty cm wide, fat people can not pass, the average person will have to lean over, compared to Mount Sanqingshan’s first day it is no less. Glass cliff, in recent years, in order to challenge the tourists guts, many scenic spots are built of glass plank, Wuzhishi is no exception, this is the first day of the 9 Road相关的主题文章: