The children of this thing, please don’t open the letter mcncc

The children of this thing, please don’t open letter the original title: the children of this thing, please don’t open letter the author: Wu Longgui Yichang open letter is not compulsory, but the intervention of public power, especially the open letter this special form, still inevitably caused by a psychological pressure, thus a moral kidnapping. In September 18th, Hubei Yichang City Planning Commission website linked to a "comprehensive" on the implementation of two child policy by institutions of all members of the Communist Party Youth League open letter ", called" young comrades to begin from me, the old comrades to educate and supervise their children ", the risk of publicity and the birth of the two child and the benefits of a child, guide the people responsible, there are plans to have second children. In November last year, a total of two children after the introduction of the policy, did not usher in the imagination of the baby boom. A survey shows that the number of women in childbearing age in line with the two child policy in more than 50 million, but there is less than the true desire of fertility of 30%. In contrast, the situation in Yichang is more prominent. Zhongnan University of Economics and Law research report shows that Yichang from 2000 began to enter the ultra low fertility, fertility in recent years, continued to decline. After the introduction of a comprehensive two child policy, the fertility rate in the region has not rebounded significantly. From this point of view, Yichang hopes to improve fertility, stimulate public health two children’s urgent mood, not to be understood. But in the specific practice, it is worth discussing. From the perspective of social development and population substitution, the fertility rate is too high, too low, is not a normal phenomenon. In the current situation of low fertility, the birth of two children to solve the problem of the one-child family lost independence and pension issues, alleviate the significance of the aging population and the shortage of labor resources, needless to say. But in the final analysis, the birth of such a child belongs to the category of private rights, should be determined by the subjective wishes of the family and the individual. What’s more, the child is not to want to be born, if the conditions are not allowed, how can not be called out. Yichang open letter, although there is no mandatory meaning, but the intervention of public power, especially in the form of an open letter of this special form, it is difficult to give a psychological pressure, thus forming a moral kidnapping. In 1980, for the implementation of family planning policy, the Central Committee has for the Communist Party and the Communist Youth League issued an open letter. The open letter is believed to be a sign of "one child" – the idea that Yichang’s open letter is coming from this. This is a copycat too, the same is the open letter, but in a different background, significance and effect can not be compared. 36 years ago, there is no mobile phone network, and even fixed telephone has not yet been popular, communication conditions are backward, a single source of information, open letter is almost the only effective way to promote national policy. In today’s highly developed information, the public access to information is simple, however, open letter of this means of publicity seems out of tune. Needless to say, Yichang open letter in the form of significance is far more than its content display. More direct point of view, the intention of several major government departments, is the hope that through this form to enlarge the weight of open letter, and even give it a certain political significance. This is precisely the most public concern: will not because two Hao相关的主题文章: