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The "big 3" released in Australia and Han Geng played the triangle to live up to the audience – Han Geng Han Geng signed the red carpet entertainment Sohu of Melbourne will meet Han Geng Australia red carpet Pictures Entertainment Sohu directed by Jeffrey Lau, Han Geng, Tang Yan, Karen Mok, Wu Jing, Zhang Chao, Zhang Yao, Xie Nan starred in the "Westward Journey" is currently the world’s 3 aggressively, since September 14th since the release, the box office all the way to go, become the pillar of the mid autumn festival market stalls, and the 14 consecutive day won the mainland film market at the box office champion. Han Geng said: our film to the audience, worthy of their own. The 22 day film in Australia on the file, Han Geng also flew to Australia, "westward journey 3" campaign! Han Geng "shuttle" overseas film dedicated from the movie "westward journey 3" has been released, starring Han Geng nonstop to publicity for the film, in the just concluded domestic city roadshow, immediately flew to Australia, the first station at the Sydney theater, and overseas audience share intimate interaction, the scene shooting fun, all the audience questions and respond to the question. Han Geng said: the mood is the best memories we keep in mind, but with the changing times, while retaining the classic mood, but also need some breakthrough. For his part, he took every movie they are learning and growing, I hope the "westward journey 3" the new movie can bring you a surprise. At the same time, Han Geng also expressed his love for Australia, said: see the rainbow in Sydney. The scene fans warm atmosphere, shouting: Han Geng is our rainbow. Subsequently, Han Geng and his entourage arrived in Melbourne, and the theater audience intimate interaction, humorous answer questions set off the scene, the popularity of overseas bursting, the audience’s enthusiastic support. Han Geng, who played the triangle to the audience to himself in the "westward journey 3", Han Geng also plays the "joker" "six ear macaque" "Monkey King" three characters, which is a great challenge for actors, Han Geng said: the director gave me great confidence and encouragement I must believe that the director. I know a lot of people say that before the original, now is not the same era, the audience is not the same, but we are very careful to protect, we have feelings, to the audience, but also plays a very important role. In order to get the audience and himself, Han Geng is desperate for the movie to fight, a fight scene, 21 days has lost 9 kilograms. Is the "six ear macaque" playing stick action, and more difficult, Han Geng admits: before this movie I have no contact with the stick, so when practicing sticks are particularly painful, because there are old wounds on my wrist, excessive exercise when there is water, has been very painful. When shooting while wearing armor, hanging wire, and then take a stick to do a lot of acrobatic. I have more than 20 sticks, different weight, different height, when filming had to pick a stick for each. In fact, such a focused effort paid work or someone will see the effort in the film after many of the audience in addition to love handsome ruffian spoony is "joker", "six ear macaque" domineering play attracted by him and go astray to change.相关的主题文章: