The 16 Hubei hospital for remediation of illegal charges was ordered rectification

The 16 Hubei hospital for remediation of illegal charges was ordered rectification 12 days to 14 days, the provincial health and Family Planning Commission assigned 16 groups, planning key issues special rectification action to carry out health checks on medical institutions in the province’s 16 provincial, to excessive medical treatment, drug prices higher widely criticized the medical behavior of "cut" the sword". The key tasks include: to check whether there is excessive medical problems, the existence of arbitrary charges, exceed the standard, beyond the scope of the problem under charges, whether there is the issue of high drug prices etc.. Reporter with the inspection team interviewed found a large hospital in Hankou "practice license of medical institution" licensing in the hemodialysis machine 18, while the actual clinical invest 27, positive and negative dialysis machine and dialysis machine in a room without partitions; carry out without a ring, ring and other family planning professional and medical treatment services, "institution" is a copy of non administrative license; B ultrasonic room a doctor without a physician practicing certificate, but in a separate work. In addition, the hospital medical sewage processor on the drug registration of the missing, only registered to July 7, 2016 monitoring residual chlorine. Another Hankou is located in a large general hospital, the hospital, the inspection team of the branch were collected from 30 patients discharged from the hospital expense list, found the collected specimens were fixed bag, liquid, heparin cap and other expenses, belong to illegal charge. The inspection team found that in Wuchang a large specialist hospital, the hospital is not in accordance with the provisions of the Provincial Planning Commission in the area should be vaccinated for children without active search on the part of households, although not for children by telephone or SMS notification, but not system, randomness. In addition, immunization information is not timely into the hospital information system, vaccination records and information systems consistent with the rate of less than 95% requirements. In a large general hospital in Wuchang, the inspectors found that the hospital in the same period in patients with multiple CT examination, did not implement the ladder of drug charges; online purchase rate, with basic drugs used were not standard; sampling cases, detection of patients with super indications for the use of adjuvant drugs, which belongs to the non rational use of drugs category. Aiming at the problems found in the inspection, the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission Director Yang Yunyan said that all medical institutions must immediately rectification, replicability, jianzhanglizhi, to ensure effectiveness. The Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission will check out the problem summary of each assessment, establish corrective ledger, the implementation of sales management. (reporter Cui Yuyu correspondent in Longhua, Xu Ling)相关的主题文章: