Tencent has also been copied out of the Taiwan high imitation King glory stand by me shinee

Tencent is a copycat of Taiwan high imitation of the "king of glory" has been the Tencent games are burdened with "copycat" of the title, although in recent years has been trying to get rid of the "copycat" boutique strategy of infamy also really made a lot of achievements. But in the eyes of many players, there are often left Tencent equivalent cottage such stereotypes, but can you imagine what is the feeling of being a copycat Tencent? The "king of glory" has also been accused of plagiarizing another similar Mobile Games "fight for freedom" recently, Taiwan game manufacturer Garena launched a 5V5 MOBA Mobile Games works "legend" showdown, the game provides 30 different styles of heroes, and provide 5V5 three push tower, 1V1PK athletics, 5V5ARAM mode, and provide instant voice system, the game was announced it set off a boom, super 20 thousand beta activation code 12 hours robbed empty, but sharp eyed Taiwan found that this game is not the game player, the "king of glory" copycat Tencent? The legend of the battle, king of glory from the picture and the interface point of view, and the game is very similar to the glory of the king, and the UI layout is basically the same, but with the king of glory to Chinese ancient famous characters and mythological figures as a hero character set, "legend" in the duel hero are original and more dear how are you a powerful and unconstrained style, game player look at these two games? Heroes of legend相关的主题文章: