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Travel-and-Leisure When you’re taking the family on a Sunshine Coast holiday, one of your first trips will be to the beach. From Caloundra in the south to Noosa in the north, this beautiful stretch of Australian coastline boasts some stunning beaches. Confidence in beach safety is essential for your peace of mind. You want to feel certain that your family will not be in any danger so you can relax and enjoy your holiday. The recent oil spill which affected SE Queensland’s beaches has proved devastating for some resorts on Moreton Island. Many Asian visitors have pulled out of their bookings. However, the island’s beaches have recently been given a clean bill of health by an independent environmental expert. Sunshine Coast beaches finished off their clean-up five weeks after the oil slick struck. Visitors staying in Sunshine Coast ac.modation can expect to find the same pristine beaches that they have .e to associate with the region, along with clean water for swimming, surfing or sailing. In addition to safe swimming conditions, the ocean along the Sunshine Coast has been given the all clear for fishing. Testing on seafood samples revealed no evidence of contamination and water quality testing by the Environmental Protection Agency and Australian Institute of Marine Science found that oil levels were below detectable levels. There has also been concern about the increase in surf rage. It seems there are some who do not wish to share these beautiful beaches. But a Noosa pilot scheme has been developed by a group of people who are interested in proactive about this problem. They refuse to let it damage the beautiful beaches reputation or drive away the tourist trade. They are working double time to offer solutions to the problem and see to it the area will be enjoyed by all. Extra patrols and professional lifeguards are on patrol at all times to ensure enjoyment of the beaches by all. The Sunshine Coast Council provides a year-round lifeguard service for its beaches. The visitor need not be concerned about safety issues. They can relax and enjoy the glorious surf, sun and sand. Volunteer life savers also patrol the beaches to offer a hand particularly during busy times. They wear red and yellow lifesaver uniforms so as to be easily identifiable to anyone who might need them. All lifeguards receive extensive training in rescue techniques, resuscitation and lifesaving procedures. Those who enjoy the water do not have to be concerned for their safety. The lifeguards use the most up-to-date lifesaving equipment available. In addition they have access to jet skis and defibrillators for extreme circumstances. Helicopter rescue services and other emergency services are also available. It is always wise for the tourist and the beach visitor to use caution and .mon sense. Many accidents can be avoided by taking the simplest of precautions and avoiding excessive activity. Beach goers are encouraged to be considerate of those around them at all times. The visitor to the Sunshine Coast can feel confident that they will enjoy a lovely breather from their normal routine when they vacation on the beautiful coastal shores. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: