Steve Perillo And Everett

Travel-and-Leisure Everett Potter is a famous travel writer, who has been providing writing for several high-profile magazines, newspapers, and websites. He is the editor-in-chief of Everett Potter’s Travel Report. His web blog provides detailed and valuable travel information to travelers. Previously a fiction writer, Everett Potter first started travel writing when on a trip to China in 1984. He returned to author a weekly, nationally syndicated column on consumer travel in the New York Times Syndicate. It was a series of breaks that led him to success in the travel writing industry and eventually a position as a columnist for USA Weekend magazine. Everett potter also has many awards to his credit, including three Lowell Thomas Gold Awards given by The Society of American Travel Writers. Everett Potter recently appeared on the Steve Perillo Travel Talk Show , hosted by Steve Perillo, CEO of Perillo Tours. On the show, he talks about how he got involved with travel writing, some of the best places to go skiing and answers the five most important questions a traveler must pose himself before going on an adventure travel trip. Potter also stresses on the importance of knowing the social rules of the places one visits. He reveals that he learnt the etiquette surrounding social rules such as tipping the hard way. In Beijing, having tipped a taxi driver, Everett had to face the wrath of the angry cabbie, since tipping is a social insult there. According to Potter, when a person decides to go on an adventure travel trip, the physical condition of the person is the most important factor. Apart from the physical condition, details about the travel company and travel insurance are also very important. To know more about what Everett Potter has to say, log on to Perillotraveltv . For more information on the Steve Perillo Talk Show and to know more Perillo travel tips, check out: Perillotv Blog 相关的主题文章: