Stars And Their Hybrid

Automobiles Many of us these days seem to be obsessed with celebrities and many want to have the lifestyle. Well the multi million dollar mansion and the spouse to die for may not be available to all of us, but there is one increasingly affordable area where we can live just like our favorite stars and that is what we drive! Formally Hollywood celebrities would never be seen in anything less than a chauffer driven limousine, but increasingly they are turning to some thing that most of us can afford, and are to be seen packing their designer shopping into their new hybrid cars. Probably the first star to publicly endorse hybrid cars was Cameron Diaz who has for sometime been the proud owner of a Toyota Prius. She has been very good for the entire hybrid cars industry despite her original faux pas in .paring it (with the assistance of a chat show host) to a golf cart. Despite this she has been a vocal and eloquent exponent of hybrid cars and with her undoubted green credentials she has helped broaden the appeal of this new innovation and encouraged many whom may not have otherwise considered buying a hybrid car. Leonardo Di Caprio is another long time enthusiast of hybrid cars, publicly stating in 2002 when many Americans were still unfamiliar with hybrid cars, that his Prius way just like any other car but he only fills it up every three weeks. Even such a seemingly innocuous mention from someone whose very word and deed is watched with anticipation by the worlds press, is enough to get hybrid cars into the minds of your average American in a way that a million dollar advertising campaign can only dream of. Alec Baldwin likes his hybrid car for rather the opposite reason. As well as, presumably, appreciating its environmental credentials he says he likes the anonymity that driving a small car can give. Although the list of stars choosing to drive hybrid cars is on the increase. Larry David the writer of the hit tv .edy Seinfeld and the star of Curb Your Enthusuasm is also an enthusiastic owner of a hybrid car, or at least he was until his wife gave away his car as a prize in a sweepstake to promote the campaign to stop Global Warming and didn’t mention it to him. Tom Hanks is also a firm believer in hybrid cars, although perhaps rather unsurprisingly as he is also noted for his environmental works and concerns. He is also somewhat appropriately an active participate of the group Nature Conservancy. Many other top stars are also joining in the move to own hybrid cars such as, Harrison Ford, Jack Black, Woody Harrelson, Susan Sarandon, Kurt Russell and many more. This will undoubtedly give fresh impetus to the drive for lower emission motoring and of course boost the sales of hybrid cars. In fact there are now so many stars driving hybrid cars that Laurie David the environmental campaigner and wife of Larry was quoted as saying, while parking at an awards ceremony, how would they find their Toyota Prius among all the other hybrid cars. But if you are still finding the cost of a new hybrid cars too much but still want to travel like a star then there is at least one Los Angles based limousine .pany who will hire you, .plete with chauffeur, a hybrid limousine so you too can drive like the stars, at least for the night. But then again if you really want to be a star just buy a hybrid car drive yourself apparently that’s the Hollywood way to travel. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: