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Sino Russian military exercises scene: autumn night light "harassment boat" – Guangzhou ship Sohu news helicopter commandos scrambled to spy on the anchorage and the surrounding waters. According to Xinhua news agency Xinhua News Agency yesterday, China and Russia joint maritime – 2016 military exercises in Zhanjiang in the East China Sea airspace held joint naval exercises. The drill guide and take a flexible way to test both participating training level and tactical ability. Day 7, first, Second Red fleet each composed of a single column, waters were rough seas to the book. The arrangement in accordance with the exercise plan, the two sides are mainly non war military action field exercises, including joint mobility, joint rescue, joint boarding and inspection, anchorage defense, joint insurance pay 5 courses. 8 pm, the fleet in the process of moving toward a predetermined area, expand formation movement exercises and communication drills. The two fleet consists of Russian ships has a single column, the right line, team, team formation range of miter joint maneuver. 10 pm, when informed of the ship in distress situation, second red first fleet received red joint command issued after quickly before to the relevant area, two ships were sent helicopter search "man overboard" and locked position the lifeboat quickly to "man overboard" close to the rescue. At the same time, the damage control team aboard the boat boarding "ships in distress", to deal with the accident. Throughout the search and rescue process, both the Chinese and Russian vessels, or search and rescue personnel, action with tacit understanding, rescue fast and efficient. In rough seas, when the discovery of suspicious vessels, the red two ship fleet command under the joint command of the red, the command ships to suspect vessels near the fence maneuver. In the helicopter under cover, composed of Russian Marines boarding team by boat on suspicious ships, the implementation of five, then illegal capture to the designated waters escort ship. It is of great significance for the maintenance of the safety of marine traffic lines. For security escort red "merchant", first red, second fleet convoy formation. According to the bulletin of the blue side of ship, the red fleet strengthen their defense organization, helicopter search out blue harassing ships, find target, guiding force "against the red immediately". During the exercise, the two sides on the Sino Russian joint special command information system for the first time, to grasp the "battlefield", and then quickly and decisively set combat determination, well-organized attack action, to test the effect of exercise. The first Sino Russian joint exercise subjects participating troops organization anchorage defense drills Russia joint maritime – 2016 "military exercises at sea 15 days into the implementation phase of joint operations. The two sides participating troops crossing to anchorage, against both red and blue in accordance with the "back" of the form, on the evening of 15 to 16 on the morning of the anchorage defense drills. 15, 16 PM, by the Chinese and Russian warships mixed into the red ring broke down after the formation according to the configuration, and then use the ship technology observation equipment, helicopters, dingey, visual observation.相关的主题文章: