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Arts-and-Entertainment I spent a long time thinking about my book The Marmots of Lenk and even longer writing it. It took over my life for a while and became my baby. When it was finished and it was time to get it published I sent it out to as many publishers as I could. I started with people I knew (luckily I had friends in the trade) and later to others who, I thought, would be interested in my masterpiece. Although it is true I did get some very favourable feedback about my story nobody seemed to want to publish it exactly as I had written it. At first I thought I just wasnt up to the task but later, after some research I found other reasons for the lack of interest. Most publishers make a living promoting books of a certain type. Lets say they are successful at selling crime novels. If I send them my childrens book however brilliantly written, they are not going to be interested. More than this it is my experience that if your tale is well written and close to what they want they will indeed get back to you but suggest you change your story to make it more in keeping with the type of book they have sold before. This makes good sense as it is more likely they can sell to readers used to getting a certain kind of book from them. However it means you have to rewrite your book again in a style that isnt really your own. In other words you stop writing what you want to and write what others tell you to. Self publishing used to be thought of as a way for bad writers to get published when no one else wanted to know. This is no longer the truth. Many of the successful writers around today started as self publishers. The fact is if you want to get your story published the way you want it this is the best route. My own book, although placed under the general heading of childrens book isnt really like anything you will have .e across before. It is aimed at children but with an adult reader to encourage discussion about the story afterwards. Older children, and adults, have found it absorbing on their own but the reason for my writing it was to get some dialog going between the adult reader (parent/teacher) and the children listening. The Marmots of Lenk and the long sleep covers subjects such as life and death, religion, politics, environmental change and others that you dont find in your usual kids fairy tale books. So you can see it would be a difficult task to find a publisher willing to take the chance on something written in an unfamiliar format. This is the strength of self publishing. Of course when your tome a best seller all the publishers that didnt even bother to send you a rejection letter will be knocking on your door begging you to publish with them. There are a number of self publishing sites on the web. A quick Google search will turn up hundreds. I published through lulu.. and I have found them to be very good so far. They give you a free ISBN number (you have to have one for each book) and your own storefront where you can sell your books. There are also a number of ways to market your work. My book can be seen and purchased on amazon and many other online bookstores as a result. You can choose from many styles of book cover, paperback or hardcover of different sizes. You can even convert your book to an eBook that can be downloaded and read on the many eReaders that are very popular now. The best part is it costs you nothing. Being print on demand means the book is only printed once someone has ordered it so there is no need to keep thousands of copies waiting to be sold. There is a lot of support and you are taken through each step so you have every chance of getting the result you want. There are forums where we share our experiences and thoughts and generally help each other out with getting our books noticed. If you have a manuscript waiting to be published or are thinking of writing that masterpiece you have had in your head for years then I hope you get your work published. It is a great feeling to hold your very own book in your hands or see it sitting in a shop window. By all means send your work to publishers and take note of any feedback you may get, good or bad, but remember it is your book and you have the right to say how it should be shown to the world. Do not be put off by self publishing. It is not as hard as you may imagine and certainly not as hard as sending out lots of manuscripts and getting nothing back. Take a look at self publishing and good luck. Ge.e Mitchell author of The Marmots of Lenk and the long sleep. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: