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Automobiles If you make money selling cars online, buying a tow dolly will be one of the best investments you will ever make. For the longest time I was purchasing cars with one problem, how do I get them home? If I was buying privately, I could sometimes convince the seller to follow me back. Sometimes I would bring a driver with me, but would have to pay them, or buy them lunch. Then I tried hiring tow truck drivers. Not only do they charge a high fee, my mechanic is no where near where I live. My cars don’t just go home, they go anywhere from the mechanic, to the body shop, to the detail shop, etc. Whether I bought the car or not. I developed a habit of buying cars at the dealer car auction, leaving them there, and then having someone give me a ride the following day to pick them up. This became a major waste of time, and money. I placed an add on craigslist "Wanted Used Car Dolly." Sure enough I bought one from a smog mechanic for $600 who ended up a friend of mine. After I towed about eight cars, I had practically made my money back. Now when I go to the auctions, I take my car right after I have purchased it. I no longer have to leave, and .e back the following day. I’m also saving a lot of money by not paying anybody to give me a ride. Since I’m towing the car I’ve just purchased, I don’t have to worry about it breaking down on me, which believe me, is a huge headache! The fact that I’m not driving that newly purchased car saves me a lot of gas money. Driving back and forth from Orange County, and San Diego can get expensive. I highly re.mend you purchase a Tow Dolly. You won’t regret it! Put your tow dolly in the garage, or block it in with your vehicle when you’re not using it. Criminals love to steal them. I recently had mine stolen. I had it attached to the back of my truck, and they broke the chains. It’s more convenient to hire a transporter when you get to the level of having twenty to tweny five cars at a time. At that point it’s better to just hire professionals to do it. Now I usually buy five cars a week. I call my transporter, give him the keys, and all five are there the next day. The more cars you have, the more important it is to focus on what your job is. Buying, and selling cars. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: