Samsung Photocopiers Target Multi-function

.puters-and-Technology Samsung is yet another brand that has .peted for the top group of business machines. Until his death in 1987, the original founder headed Samsung Group out of Japan. This .pany started before the Korean war and was considered a major .pany well before the involvement with electronics in 1980. Introducing to the world in 2000, the first ever Samsung black and white television set. The .pany has been involved in the manufacture and distribution of everything from electronic .ponents to aircraft. In 1996 the .pany decided to seriously downsize and manipulate the expansion of three core areas of business. The are focssing on Chemicals, Electronics, and engineering. By 1992 the Samsung .pany reached the benchmark of being the largest memory chip producer in the world, and now it enjoys the title of second largest maker of chips behind intel. Samsung also holds the position of second highest by volume provider of cellphones, .ing in behind Nokia. Of course this has been acheived due to a joint venture between Sony and Samsung in 2006. Since that time the .pany has moved forward at a rapid pace researching, designing and producing more state of the art technology. Since those early times we have witnessed Samsung photocopiers and multifunction printing systems, excel. Through revising many hundreds of open forums where people discuss electronics and business equipment, Samsung would now be one of the leading players in the photocopier market. In fact dollar for dollar value can in some cases swing in favor of Samsung. Concentrating on A4 and smaller paper size copiers Samsung have produced a range of machines to .pete in the photocopiers marketplace. New colour multifunction machines .e .work ready and offer some unique features such as Samsung’s easy colour manager and auto colour detection. Priced aggressively and with low running costs Samsung aim to make a name for themselves in this business sector. Samsung’s mono copier machines offer multifunction as standard with print ,copy and scan built in as well as one touch web printing. Samsung have concentrated on the entry end of the photocopier market. Concentrating on small workgroup or desktop machines with both fulll colour and monochrome ranges. As demand for copying and printing reduces due to electronic document management systems Samsung have identified this as a key growth area. Samsung photocopier machines are of low maintainace as many of the parts are customer changeable. Samsung supply drums and imaging belts as a consumable item allowing the customer greater control over the running costs of the machines. Its in this way Samsung have in many ways been innoviative in their approach in the marketplace. Moving away from traditional protocols within the copier industry to produce a range of digital photocopy machines that aim directly at the new multifunctional user. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: