Russia Kuznetsov aircraft carrier for the first time put into operation in Syria plustek

Russian aircraft carrier USS Kuznetsov for the first time into the Syria war original title: Russian "Kuznetsov" aircraft for the first time fighting in Syria on 15 November, Xinhua News Agency Moscow (reporter Li Ji) Russian Defense Minister Shoigu 15, said the Russian aircraft carrier USS Kuznetsov for the first time participated in combat operations in Syria. Shoigu said that the Russian Su – 33 fighter day from the aircraft carrier off the task. In addition, the "bastion" shore based missile system have also been completed on the hinterland of Syria target launch, and all targets were carefully determined mainly for reconnaissance, terrorist ammunition, assembly center and training, and manufacturing all kinds of weapons of mass destruction factory. Shoigu also said that Russian troops had sent to Syria a large number of chemical forces, to determine the toxic substances used by terrorists. Shoigu said the militants had two times last week, the use of poison shells, resulting in a government army in Syria, a total of 27 people were hospitalized, and the death of the other, causing another person to be hospitalized for treatment of 30. Kuznetsov is currently the only one in Russia is serving aircraft carrier, displacement of about 60 thousand tons, since its first launch in 1985, has completed the 7 ocean voyage. According to Russia today news agency reported that the aircraft carrier Kuznetsov aircraft carrier fighter, including Su 33 belongs to the fourth generation fighter dedicated ground attack fighter Su – 25, 27 card and card 29 antisubmarine helicopter transport helicopter weapons including cruise missiles and anti-aircraft missiles etc.. Editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章: