Running in period should run faster, the following ten new car running in the wrong way to help you easeljs

The running in period should run fast, following ten car running in misunderstanding to help you – Sohu in order to break in the new car, the car heard you every morning before departure, will be hot heat for 35 minutes? Because you believe that this is a good way to protect the engine. First of all admire your patience! Second, it is not only necessary but also harmful to do so. The "Excuse me? What?" is not a face Meng force? In fact, many car owners in a new car, not only the existence of errors in a hot car, there are misunderstandings and some other aspects. Here we summarize the ten major car running in misunderstanding, I three times daily, please owners self-examination, you have several? 1 speed can not pass the new 3000rpm network transmission, speed can not exceed 3000 rpm. So some people regard it as the standard of driving. In fact, this argument does not have any scientific truth. First of all, car driving is a series of complex operations, how to ensure that the speed is always lower than 3000rpm? Secondly, now the car is more and more advanced technology, better and better, all parts of the quality and strength, with the precision has been far better than ten to twenty years ago, the 3000rpm is not a problem. In fact, driving a new car is not a long-term driving, develop good driving habits is the best maintenance of the car. About speed, new car running, not over 60% days before the red line. (as above, the car speed is not more than 5000rpm) 2 speed can not exceed 80km H (not even on the high-speed?) What? New car running in not dare to exceed 80 yards? Not on the high speed? Brother, you are from the 4S store to buy a high performance car in twenty-first Century, or from the museum in 70s and 80s provided a century vintage car? With all aspects of the car are constantly being optimized, now the new car in the running speed is no longer limited to 80 km h (code may be the last century, the standard of 80). Need a car running in low speed driving by gradually into the high-speed process, run in period not more than 70-80 km h, and in the mid and late stage, the speed can reach more than 90-120, without any problems, but is conducive to the realization of a stall interval running. 3 dare to run long distance, if the engine overheating about the new car is suitable for a long run, content is accurate and no investigation, in a ten, ten hundred, became the so-called experience. Is there a research or survey data show that: new car should not run long distance? Why are there so many people in different places to mention the car? Long distance running, you may run 100 kilometers, the actual running in effect only under normal circumstances, the effect of 80 km. Again, the car is bought to travel, as long as I have this demand, cars have the ability, let alone a long run, is to let me open it, I will not hesitate. 4 dare to step on the brakes brakes, brake systems, chassis will indeed increase the load at the moment, occasionally several times but harmless; on the contrary, frequent brakes, it will reduce the service life of the friction plates and not conducive to the car running. But very r相关的主题文章: