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Arts-and-Entertainment Since the time immemorial, people have developed ingenious ways to keep them entertained. Rummy card games, is none of the many interesting ways to have an entertainment option. Rummy, nowadays, is not only one of the several car games which are presented online but its also one o the fastest growing games online. Incidentally, it is known for its rather controversial history which includes many versions. Out of these many historical accounts, only two are widely accepted by historians. One of the theories is the Conquian theory according to which the Rummy game came to England first and then the term Rum began to be used; which further underwent a change in the name to Rummy in the USA. This is the more famous theory as the Conquian rummy variants are among those which are included in the great family of rummy car games. Another theory is the origin of the game which is said to have originated from poker. One can find many similarities between the two games making this theory very plausible as both the games include the concepts of sets and runs. The game is not just a simple card game as it involves a lot of skills and manoeuvres which are mastered only after gaining a substantial experience. The game has many variants so it appeals to a wide market for entertainment purposes. The different variations of the game add excitement and offer a unique experience as well. The intensely absorbing game has very easy rules. The most basic of all is the 13 cards rummy where 13 cards are distributed to the players, who are supposed t pick a random card which is used as a joker. This joker card is an integral part of the game as it helps to .plete a sequence or set. The rummy game rules for the 101 point rummy game in which the last person to score 101 points is declared the winner. Another rummy game rule is the point system where each card is supposed to carry a set number of points. The player who is on the losing side gets points equal to the hand score. This means one needs to have fewer points in order to win the game. Interestingly, the joker has zero value and the jack, king, queen and ace have 10 points each while the numbered cards have value/point which is equal to their face value. You must ensure that you shouldnt have more than 80 points which is the maximum that is allowed to a player. Very rummy has many twists and it is best played by expert players. Even if you are an amateur, you can try your hand at the game through its online version and be a skilled player within a short span of time. You can also attach rupee value to make the game more interesting and in this case each player is supposed to start with a minimum amount. The ultimate of any rummy variant is to be able to arrange all cards into valid groups and in sequence, first. So, make it more interesting and ask invite your friends as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: