Romans 1219 Do Not Take

Spirituality He wasn’t whining, he wasn’t weighted down by all the excess baggage, he was ready to serve God. He was ready for the promotion, and here is what occurs. Verse 14. "So Pharaoh sent for Joseph." God’s timing, ladies and gentlemen, is never too early, is never too late. It’s always at the right time. "So, Pharaoh sent for Joseph, and he was quickly brought from the dungeon"~and I love this part~"when he had shaved and changed his clothes." Joseph, he was content. He was at peace with God. Most of us, if they had said, "Knock, knock, knock. It’s time to get out of prison," we’d have run out in our prison clothes and beards, scraggly, "O.K. Pharaoh, I’m ready." Bad breath. Oh, wait a minute. Joseph was relaxed. He was content. He shaved first. Slapped on a little bit of Aqua Velva; got a new robe on. He was confident because he was following the Lord and waiting patiently on him. And here is the second principle. Put this right beside verse 14. Joseph was ready for the reward without revenge. He accepted God’s reward without revenge. God brought a Hebrew slave, he had been a slave, a prisoner for 13 years, now, in Egypt, overnight and he was standing before the most powerful political figure in all the world of that time. So Pharaoh sent for Joseph. He shaved, he changed his clothes, and he came before Pharaoh. Now right here, if I was writing the Ed Young Translation I would say, "Joseph, now is your chance to nail Potiphar, to tell the truth about Miss Egypt 500 B.C., to totally abuse the cup bearer, to seek revenge. Come on, Joseph, let’s go." And Joseph had great bargaining power. He could have said, "Pharaoh, before I interpret your dream, let me tell you what a jerk these people are. You have this guy in charge of the CIA-END OF SIDE ONE Ed Young reads Romans 12:19 says "Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written, ‘It is mine to avenge, it is mine to repay, says the Lord.’" How many circumstances and situations have you been in, have I been in, and we want so badly to get revenge, and a lot of people spend their entire lives trying to prove to people who didn’t believe they could make it that they are somebody and once they become successful or get the promotions, they kind of like to come back and rub it in their face. You come back to your home town, or you try to flash the money or the jewelry or the clothes and say, "Hey, look what I am. You said I couldn’t make it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: