Qianhai Management Bureau to actively deploy defend defense typhoon hippocampus — local lead pullip

Qianhai Management Bureau to actively deploy   defend defense typhoon "hippocampus" — local leaders — people.com.cn original title: Qianhai authority actively deployed to defend against the typhoon "hippocampus" for the full implementation of the national, provincial and municipal on defense typhoon "hippocampus" work deployment, embattled continued to do the typhoon defense work to ensure that people. Life and Property Management Bureau of Qianhai city public security, actively deployed, defend the security checks carried out, earnestly windproof flood emergency measures to resolutely defend the typhoon "the hippocampus". Qianhai Municipal Committee, director Tian Fu from Shekou Trade Area Administrative Committee two times to make instructions, request as soon as possible open temporary shelters, the implementation of the construction unit of the main responsibility, strengthen security inspections, and strengthen emergency disposal. The morning of October 21st, Tian Fu Committee personally led, evacuation and resettlement of Qianhai cooperation in the area of construction equipment, strengthening the construction personnel carried out a detailed inspection. Check in Qianhai Shimao main building and Qianhai project of deep foundation pit, the Tian Fu Committee stressed that safety is crucial, all construction units should resolutely implement the relevant departments of the requirements, a comprehensive investigation of risks, implement defensive measures, ensure the safety of the project. Leave in a detailed examination of the centralized temporary personnel in the region, determine all personnel have been evacuated after a temporary shed, a member of the Standing Committee of Tian Fu came to the Qianhai Shenzhen Hong Kong youth dream factory visit construction personnel relocated, understand the placement of workers, encourage them to overcome difficulties, and asked relevant departments to do logistical work, ensure that workers in the period of typhoon life needs. It is understood that before the typhoon, Qianhai Management Bureau actively deployed in the afternoon of October 20th, Qianhai, prepared to meet the challenge, the authority of leadership and organization of cooperation in the region of four army, production safety departments held a meeting, the deployment of the typhoon "hippocampus" defense work. Later that day, Qianhai Management Bureau leadership led to the site inspections of key construction project site to inspect, troubleshoot security risks, as the typhoon landed do adequate preparation. The typhoon period, the relevant departments responsible comrades and relevant staff on night duty, inspections workers evacuation Park drainage, reinforcement, equipment. Qianhai Bureau of trade metro construction headquarters office by WeChat group, request cooperation area of all construction projects in the project and submit work including defense typhoon evacuation and emergency rescue personnel on duty preparation, etc., smooth contact mechanism, ensure the smooth communication of information. Qianhai authority in conjunction with the third party inspection unit, the Qianhai cooperation zone in the construction of all the 47 projects to carry out inspections, the full implementation of the preparatory work for typhoon preparedness. According to statistics, the typhoon before the landing, the Qianhai authorities sent inspectors to inspect the project more than 800 passengers, excluding the hidden dangers of 146, a total withdrawal, resettlement workers of 10688 people. As of press time, Qianhai cooperation in the region without any casualties, the overall situation is stable and controllable, nearly 100 units of tower crane, gantry crane, construction elevator safety. This morning, the Qianhai administration of trade Metro headquarters office again issued a notice, request the project to continue to wait for the office of three notice shall not be started without permission, workers continue to leave)相关的主题文章: