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Prospective students sued the parents to ask for 20 thousand yuan gift money to pay tuition – Sohu news grandma took the granddaughter of the admission notice is very anxious to go to Kunming in September 2nd, Xiaojuan Institute report, one family can still make The atmosphere was foul. tuition. Divorced parents around, who do not want to have the money. The 75 year old grandmother could not stand up, Xiaojuan came with the peace court, Yizhisuzhuangjiang parents to court. Ask parents to relatives and friends over the years to give Xiaojuan more than 20 thousand yuan of new year’s money back to pay tuition. My parents divorced for many years incompatible Xiaojuan 18 years old this year, this year with honors admitted to the Kunming College of horticulture specialty. As parents, should be happy for the children. However, Xiaojuan’s parents divorced for many years, although their family, but also for the division of property became incompatible. Xiaojuan’s grandmother said that after her parents were married in 1996, they divorced in 2010 because of a bad relationship. Xiaojuan court by the mother to support, Zhu Zhu father’s monthly child support to 18 years of age. Parents who do not want to go out of school after the divorce of parents, Xiaojuan has been living with his mother. As the father of Zhu, also perform the maintenance of the child. But parents are never in contact with Xiaojuan, often let the monkey in the middle. At the beginning of July this year, after the college entrance examination, Xiaojuan came to grandma Home Furnishing live. After receiving the admission notice, Xiaojuan was not happy. In the face of more than 5000 yuan tuition, Xiaojuan began to worry. She told the news to her mother that she had no money and told her to go to her father. And over the years has been caught in the vortex of the Zhu family dispute, or simply angry said, he has been raised to 18 years old, to raise the money no obligation. In this way, Xiaojuan said by parents around. Let Xiaojuan do not know what to do. Parents sued the gift money for the 75 year old grandmother, living alone in the old house, meager pensions, the hand is tight. Looking at Xiaojuan’s parents so difficult for children, grandma really can not see, ready to pick up the legal weapons for the child to seek a fair. Find a local street, many organizations mediation failed. In whose tuition problem, parents have been prevarication, are reluctant to pay. Grandma said she went to the court to consult, get the argument that, in accordance with the law, the child’s upbringing can only be paid to 18 years old, and the child’s father has fulfilled the obligation to support. To let the child’s father to pay again, it is necessary to resolve the two sides to negotiate. Grandma said, Xiaojuan from small to large, relatives and friends gave her a lot of lucky money, have been their parents spent. Presumably, at least 20 thousand yuan. If no one is willing to pay the money, the child’s lucky money back, as a child’s tuition. The morning of August 14th, Xiaojuan came to court with his grandmother, a paper petition to parents on the court. According to the "Spring City Evening News"相关的主题文章: