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Jewelry-Diamonds If conventional round cut is not your thing, princess cut diamonds may be just the right choice for you. The square or rectangular face-up shape and the profile of an inverted pyramid give this cut its uniqueness. The princess cut is most popular for its shape and the fact that it looks a lot bigger than the round brilliant cut of the same carat size. It also costs a lot less .pared to the round brilliant cut diamond as it retains much of the rough. Also referred to as a square modified brilliant cut, the princess cut diamonds is known to have the lustre and sparkle to make the perfect statement. Known for its extravagant glitter, this cut is bound to enhance the look of any style in jewellery. Especially preferred as the signature diamond in engagement rings, the princess cut adds a lot of oomph to your ladys rock. Since, the princess cut differs from other square shaped diamond cuts like emerald cut or asscher cut, the clarity of the diamond is not highlighted. This basically means that a person may .promise on the clarity of a princess cut as long as the colour and brilliance is intact. The colour of any diamond cut is subjective. The detail worth considering while choosing a colour for your desired princess cut diamond is that the colour is slightly visible at the corners of the diamond. Hence a higher colour grade may be advisable. To get the ideal diamond for your preferred setting, check for the diamonds length to width ratio thoroughly. According to the style you want, choose a square or a more rectangular stone. An ideal square diamond ratio should be somewhere between 1 and 1.05, whereas if you are more inclined for a slightly rectangular shape, a ratio greater than 1.10 is suitable. This ratio and colour grade will give you a clear picture of how the diamond will look when viewed from above. The only aspect you need to be careful about when it .es to the setting of your princess cut diamond is to protect the four pointed corners of the diamond as these are the points that are at the risk of being chipped off. Other than this, a princess cut looks great in rings as well as solitaire earrings. Large princess cut diamonds can make stylish yet elegant necklaces that may put you on everyones envy list. You can count on this cut to be in vogue for decades to .e; so the next time you want to invest in a stone, look for an exquisite princess cut and set it in a beautiful platinum or white gold ring with an eternal design. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: