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Don’t get bogged down by looking for the "absolute best" physical training program… Do Something. With all the physical training programs out there all claiming to have the fitness solution… how do you pick just one. Don’t! The truth is, there is no absolute one best physical training program that can do everything for everyone… no matter what the hype. Experiment with different physical training methods, stresses and intensities to find out which one is right for you at this particular moment in time. Modify physical training programs to meet your own personal goals, needs, abilities and limitations. But above all else… Do something! In my experience I have noticed a couple of things when it .es to how people approach physical training… First, people spend too much time looking… and not enough time doing. This physical fitness program worked for so-and-so, but so-and-so said this one was best, but I read somewhere that this program worked, blah blah blah… Quit looking for something to do… and do something. Looking for a physical training program is doing absolutely nothing to improve your fitness level. No physical training… no benefits. The absolute best workout routine is a fable… So quit wasting your valuable training time on senseless analysis. Second, people spend too much time analyzing their physical training. I do not care who you are, how many probes you have stuck in unmentionable places, how many tests are performed or how many machines monitor your every move… You will never be able to determine how every molecule of your body reacts to physical training. Now don’t get me wrong… scientific study is important and can point you in the right direction. But once you are pointed in the right direction… go out and do something. Don’t bother me with what happened to 100 lab rats in 1986… I’m busy training! Furthermore, this analysis period seems to happen way too early in the physical training. The effects of physical activity will be seen over time. Just keep doing something to improve your fitness levels and you will see those positive benefits over time. Third, people get sucked into "Quick Fix" physical training fitness solutions How many times have I seen someone on the right track with their physical training… only to be side-tracked by some "Quick Fix" physical training fitness solution. They fail to see miraculous results like the ones advertised in the pop fitness cultures marketing hype and decide that the physical training they are doing just isn’t worth their time. But the truth is… physical training is a journey, not a destination. You will never reach your perfect fitness level and then be able to stop. And this journey is a personal journey… no two paths will or should be exactly alike. You must find your own path towards physical fitness success. You must do something… and keep on doing something! I’m going to let you in on a little secret… You will never enjoy any long-term benefits from your physical training if it does not be.e a part of your lifestyle. And no physical training will be.e part of your lifestyle if you don’t do something that makes sense to you. Look past the hype and ask yourself, "Will this type of physical training bring about the results I seek, and will I continue to do it to enjoy long lasting physical benefits?" If the answer to this is yes, don’t keep second guessing yourself… start immediately. Wait a minute, what are you still doing reading this article… get out there and do something! I’m going to! How To Rehabilitate A Broken Ankle Through Exercise By: Pieter Reynolds – Physical therapy is the ultimate cure for broken ankles. 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