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People comment: Beijing residence permit really convenience? Sohu review residence permit, Beijing seems to have said so much? According to reports, from the start of the eleven so far in the past month, the difficulty of the phenomenon is still widespread, queuing in the early morning, high cost agent party is not uncommon. The state canceled the temporary residence permit, the full implementation of the residence permit system, fairness, convenience, conform to the trend of the times with popular opinion. But the experience of the scene difficult to do, can not help but ask: Beijing residence permit, really convenient? First of all, the Beijing police to be valid for the duration of the temporary residence permit as the only time to live more than six months, the only proof that a lot of people stuck outside the residence permit. "Temporary residence permit regulations", "apply for a residence permit should be…… I submit my ID card, my photo and residence address, employment, study and other proof materials." There is no temporary residence permit. The city of Beijing and the "residence permit" to the Interim Regulations just say, "living time certificate includes Laijingrenyuan temporary registration information, still within the validity period of the" residence permit "to prove material" residence time, but the Beijing police has "to prove the living off time of material", must be and only "is still within the validity period of the" residence permit "". The new Beijing personnel, to declare temporary registration collar resident card, easy to accept good understanding; but has lived in Beijing for more than half a year or years, even if the temporary residence permit expired, also can be supplemented with a legitimate and stable employment, social insurance, continuous owned housing and other materials to prove. And a lot of children enrolled for material Laijingrenyuan, all proved by the public security, education and other administrative departments of the joint trial, why did you have to repeat the material? It can simplify work processes, make information networking, so fewer people to run errands? Secondly, take the state has explicitly canceled the temporary residence permit when the threshold, is a system of making the rush difficult". No matter how many years foreigners live in Beijing, as long as the temporary residence permit expired one day, you can only do a residence card. If tens of millions of foreigners altogether push office residence card, can not get stuck? Moreover, some of the flow tube stations are not allowed to enter the door. Do the queuing for hours in the howling wind, just like a yell, "rush over the registration, and then go back to such notice, according to the notice of the time I took the material to do the scene". Put it down in black and white "to meet the requirements, on the spot for" Beijing residence registration card "" how the wind? Can live a day card only for 20 years, it must wait until God knows how long? Even if the material is complete, in the bid to apply for residence permit before running at least two times the flow tube station. Residence card valid for 6 months, before the expiration of January must be re signed. And no matter what, as long as the card expired expired, you can only re bid. The theory in reality, some people may never do live card stuck in the mud, a proof of residence for more than half a year. Besides, the residence permit is for convenience, rather than restrict people’s life. Temporary residence permit closed in October 1st, but even from the new residence permit (card) accepting the same day to date, the applicant must also be successful in 15 days to receive a new card (card), the symptom of time, such as a car, house, car and many other things may need to prove.相关的主题文章: