Panda bandits looted 3 million yuan jewelry 1200 probe lock new network trace in mentalist

"Panda bandits looted 3 million yuan jewelry 1200 probe lock new net head trace of cover in black plastic bags, and wears a white mask, black gloves, while at night the occasion, breaking into the shop, the shop 3 million yuan worth of jewelry looted. The police from more than 1200 video surveillance in Amoy out last September 28th, the suspect traces of suspects in custody, two thieves have been arrested, the scene to recover the value of 15 yuan of gold jewelry. 3 million stolen jewelry store in September 9th, the East Lake Development Zone Buddha Ling Xiao Qu, gold and silver jewelry shop owner Mr. Xu to his shop when shocked: last night it will store gate tightly shut, now there is a wide gap of about 40 cm, and there are obvious marks on the door with prying. The shop is a mess, there are gold and silver jewelry safe door is prized, gold and silver jewelry looted. Xu inventory, the loss of gold and silver jewelry worth about 3 million yuan. East New Public Security Bureau police station scene concentric investigation found that the store store video surveillance data of the computer host, also suspects were taken away. Video lock two "panda thief" east of the New Public Security Bureau police force composed of dozens of selected case classes, go all out to carry out the investigation. Special class police to "shop" as the center, access to surrounding more than 120 video probe to obtain one by one. The police investigation found that, although the gold and silver jewelry shops and video surveillance by bandits to destroy, but not far from the scene of a foot store, the door had a video monitor, sight just covering the scene area. This program immediately access to video, although some distance away, the picture is not very clear, but in September 9th 2 a.m. to 4 p.m., two men dressed as a "Panda" man appeared in the "gold" in the vicinity, and then disappeared in the vast darkness. So, the investigators for the crime suspect "Panda" as a breakthrough, to "shop" for a range of 10 kilometers within the radius of the center line investigation. The investigators found that the video, the scene from the 5 km at the site of a building plate gap, there are two suspicious figures appearing. Careful investigation personnel or from the details on this two people is the scene of "Panda" bandit crime suspects, at the same time can see that there is a flat black man hanging around the neck of a gold chain. Unfortunately, due to the area to be demolished and built, the video has not been able to keep up with the construction, can not continue to track. 1200 probe "Amoy" out of masked robber clues interrupt, investigation officers turned again at the scene, a scene of the cigarette smoke is left: ten yuan brand of cigarettes. Seen from the suspect on the economy is not very comfortable, but flat from the video in the black man hanging on the neck "gold necklace" section can be seen, the man acting man very assertive, and very familiar with this area, investigators preliminary determination of this group of people is an acquaintance of crime. Investigators soldiers ten points within the scope of the investigation carried out within ten kilometers. After investigation Mopai, pingmou investigators into the area of sight: the times for theft and "three palace". According to the wire reported that the man had been idle for some time ago相关的主题文章: