Online Share Trading – Using Technology To Enhance Efficiency And Boost

Investing Online Share Trading has replaced the traditional form of share trading where physical share certificates were used for trading. Online share trading has done enormous value addition to the share holders, .panies, stock exchanges and regulators like Securities and Exchange Board of India & Reserve Bank of India. Share trading online is used across stock exchanges in India and it has revolutionized the way stock brokers in India work. In online share trading a potential investor has to open a DEMAT account with an investment broker or a sub broker. The DEMAT account is then linked to the bank account of investor. Once both accounts are paired, the investor can start trading across stock exchanges. In India the prominent stock exchanges are BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE (National Stock Exchange). BSE is located out of financial capital of India and NSE is located in New Delhi. Online share trading has increased efficiencies across systems. The investors can do quick transactions as they have more information at their disposal by virtue of online tools, and hence can make smart investments in shares. .panies benefit out of a better turnaround time as now they can have quick liquidation of shares and infuse more funds in their systems. Hence online share trading helps in getting more liquidity in the system. Regulators can now keep a track of transactions as records are available virtually. DEMAT and Bank accounts are linked which ensures smooth tracking of the funds movements. Since the advent of Share trading online, there has been a surge in the number of stock brokers in India. Stock brokers are aggressively scouting for investors as now the business is highly dynamic. Brokers lure investors for online share trading since there is less need of initial investments, the returns are faster and there is availability of information pertaining to .panies, global trends, local markets etc. There has been a high jump in the volumes of trading because of online share trading. Indias top stock exchanges are now playing a pivotal role in Global financial markets. Indian investor now has the ability to influence decisions at professional managed listed .panies. Leveraging technology into financial markets is not only empowering an average investor but also ensuring rise of the Indian financial markets. Share trading online is a definitive effort in ensuring that bulls rule at the stock markets. Stock brokers in India along with average investors are deriving highest mileage. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: