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Ningxia will start the development of global tourism boom — Travel Channel original title: National Tourism Bureau, Ningxia will start the development of global tourism boom in American Tourism Promotion Bureau jointly decided on September 8th to 12, held the 2016 Sino US high-level dialogue in Ningxia tourism". At the same time, September 9th to 11, the National Tourism Bureau also held the second national comprehensive tourism will promote the city centre in Ningxia at that time, from the provinces and municipalities of the conference delegates will gather in Ningxia to discuss the global tourism development plan. Sino US high-level dialogue and the global tourism will promote the meeting, will also enable Ningxia to lift the global tourism development boom. It is reported that in July 28, 2016, global tourism development in Ningxia to promote the meeting, it depicts a new blueprint for the development of Ningxia tourism, the "Ningxia" as a major scenic spots for system planning, the global tourism development concept into the overall economic and social development, constantly optimize the layout of tourism development, allocation of various resources to invest in science, a blueprint drawn in the end, the construction of the panorama of Ningxia. The future of Ningxia, transportation, infrastructure, e-commerce and other aspects of infrastructure construction, will consider tourism needs, into the tourism elements. From the aspects of urban architectural style and village planning, tourism development and tourism function will be fully considered. Combined with local characteristics and urban culture, to create a special tourist town, tourist attractions, urban leisure parks, so that tourists and the public have a place to visit, there are attractions. The development of the global tourism is the most ideal choice of Ningxia. At present, the global tourism in Ningxia has changed from concept to action, especially for the 6 national comprehensive tourism demonstration area cities and counties in Ningxia from the policy, capital, marketing and promotion to give full support. Ningxia City, five counties (city) area in planning the tourism and new formats, innovation of tourism product. Guyuan Jingyuan Yejia village with the "big six" eco cultural tourism circle, build Jingyuan beautiful countryside, known as the "northwest of Lijiang". In addition, integration of tourism and a new way of life has become a trend, tourism and education, travel + leisure vacation, tourism, tourism + health + new pension, travel + Internet global new tourism industry continues to develop, more and more tourists feel tourism rather listen to the head, to see and buy head and the first play. The high-level dialogue held in the United States and China, as the organizer of the Ningxia will also have the opportunity to learn more and better ideas and models of development. The United States is very flourishing cultural and creative tourism industry, whether it is the local tourism resources, or global marketing to Disney and American movies are showing strong competitiveness of Ningxia tourism, people can take the opportunity to "teacher", to enhance the cultural tourism planning and promotion ability, promote the healthy sustained and rapid development of tourism industry in Ningxia. (reporter Bao Shuling) (commissioning editor: Zhao Peng (Intern), Qin Jing)相关的主题文章: